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St. Louis Area Foodbank
Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope.
Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope.

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Perhaps what is most startling about hunger in the United States is that 46.5 million of our citizens struggle to put food on the table, despite living in a wealthy country rich with resources.

Read this great opinion piece by St. Louis Area Foodbank CEO/President Frank Finnegan.

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Poverty woes continue to beset Southern Illinois, with area social service agencies reporting growing needs.

The St. Louis Area Foodbank feeds families in 12 Southern Illinois counties.

In an occasional series over the next several months, The Southern Illinoisan will examine issues related to poverty.

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‪#‎STL‬ we are counting on you. Please help us win an extra 200,000 meals. All we need is two minutes & a few clicks!
Please VOTE for the St. Louis Area Foodbank NOW at

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One. More. Day. That's all that's left in our voting contest to win $60,000 to provide meals for families like this one.
VOTE NOW for the St. Louis Area Foodbank at EVERY vote counts!

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This town loves a winner.
The St. Louis Cardinals will bring it home, and we hope you'll help the St. Louis Area Foodbank do the same! VOTE TODAY at
Put MO in the search bar in the center of the page.
‪#‎postseason‬ ‪#‎cardinals‬

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It could happen to anyone. That's why your vote for the St. Louis Area Foodbank means so much.
If we finish in the top 50 by this Sunday, we will win $60,000. That's more than 200,000 extra meals. VOTE:
Please vote every day through Sunday! Please SHARE!

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Real words from a local family.
Help them and those like them by voting TODAY for the St. Louis Area Foodbank to win $60,000 to provide more meals!
We only have a few days left and every vote counts! PLS VOTE & SHARE!

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If we said puppy please would you vote for the St. Louis Area Foodbank today?

Vote at to help us provide an additional 200,000+ meals to LOCAL families in need!

Put MO or your zip code in the search bar in the middle of the page (NOT the URL search bar at top)

#NationalDogWeek #stl

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Shamelessly taking advantage of Talk Like A Pirate Day? Why, yes we are!

Please remember to VOTE today and every day to help the St. Louis Area Foodbank provide more than 200,000 meals in need!

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In just a few moments of your time, YOU can make a difference in the lives of real people like Charlie.

Please vote DAILY through Oct. 5 for the St. Louis Area Foodbank at

A win = 200K+ meals for families in need!
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