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Celebrating black arts with a star studded weekend each summer in Atlanta, GA.
Celebrating black arts with a star studded weekend each summer in Atlanta, GA.


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🌟👑🌟IT'S LIVE🌟👑🌟 A new series from Phoenix Williams
Welcome to Hell Fire Valley where if the boredom doesn't kill you, the monsters beneath the surface surely will.

Adara Mashall is in town three months after her grandmother's mysterious passing for one thing and one thing only: answers.

But in a town like Hell Fire Valley, the only thing deeper than the family ties are the secrets. Most people know better than to snoop around and stir up the demons that have been hibernating for decades.

Adara isn't most people.

Daniel Farell and Alonzo Leones wanted Adara from the moment she blew into Hell Fire Valley. She's beautiful. She's smart. She's strong. She's the key to getting their hands on the Mashall land.

When tensions mount, Adara finds herself caught in the middle of a territory war and a love triangle. Secrets are revealed. Monsters are awoken. Death is imminent.

Will Adara find the answers she's looking for? Or will Hell Fire Valley be this Queen's final resting place?
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This week's Exclusive Excerpt comes from Queens of Beasts: The Life, Love, and Death of Adara Mashall, dropping this Wednesday.

Stepping out of my car, I began making the long walk to the Mashall house. I was familiar with this land as my grandparents were once friends with Adara’s.


Damn, that name brought a smile to my face. At first, I was all about getting her land. Somewhere along the line, I started liking her. She was just like me. Dark, broken, and a beast.

We could be the most powerful couple in this town, shit the whole fucking world. I just needed to stake my claim. I wasn’t stupid. That fucking Leones cat had been sniffing around my woman. I couldn’t have that.

No, I wouldn’t lose Adara to anyone.

The moon looked huge in the perfectly clear sky as the cabin came into view. Adara sat there on the stairs looking like the picture of beauty.

Her cocoa skin practically glowed. Her twisted hair was piled on top of her head. A t-shirt stretched across her full breasts, and her shorts stretched across her wide hips and ample ass.

The girl was a damn walking wet dream.

Suddenly, her head whipped in my direction. Her almond shaped chocolate eyes bore into me. My gaze ran across her face, taking in her button nose and lush lips.

“Hey,” I said with a smile as I came closer.

The sounds of Nina Simone floated from inside the house along with the scent of something delicious simmering on the stove.

“Hey,” she greeted, standing. “Why are you here?”

Putting on my most charming smile, I eased closer to her. The feel of her body heat caressing me had me biting back a groan.

“I came to see you of course.”

She eyed me suspiciously, and I felt my insides ignite. I didn’t like that look especially when it was aimed at me.

“I would have called, but you never gave me your number.”

“Oh,” she muttered while scanning the woods.

“We need to talk.”

That got her attention. Good. I wanted to be the only thing she focused on. Taking her hand in mine, I locked on her hypnotizing eyes.

“I want you, Adara.” She opened her mouth to speak, but I placed a finger against those pillow soft lips. “Shhh, honey. We’ve been seeing each other for almost two months. It’s time to make it official.”

She moved to pull her hand out of mine, but I held on tighter.
“Daniel, I think you’ve got the wrong impression…”

“Stop playing games, Adara,” I murmured seductively, gripping her hip with my free hand. “You know you want me too.”

“That’s not true.”

My head reared back as if she had slapped me.

“Is it Trevor?” I asked. If it was, he was a dead man.


Something dark and ugly unfurled in my gut as I pinned her with a stare. “Alonzo Leones?”

She held my gaze, I’d give her that. But, the truth was written all over her face. That sly cat had tried to take what was mine.
“I forbid you to see him anymore.”

She tried to wrench out of my grasp, but I held on tighter. “Are you crazy? No one tells me what to do.”

I snatched her body against mine. “You’re mine now, Adara. You’ll do as I say.”

I tried to kiss her but she bit the fuck out of my lip, and I chuckled.

“Get the fuck off of me!”

Her screams did nothing to sway me. Everything inside me was urging me to claim her as mine.

“I’ll mark you,” I grumbled. “I’ll mark you and every man will know you belong to me.”

Releasing her hand, I grabbed her hips and slammed her down on the stairs. She howled in pain. Didn’t matter. She’d get used to the way I’d treat her sooner or later.

My hands scrambled as her hips tried to buck me off. Her hands reached above her head, thrusting her breasts towards my chest. I groaned, my dick harder than granite.

That’s it. Don’t deny me what’s rightfully mine.

Adara Mashall was going to be mi—

Pain sliced my right eye. My field of vision immediately decreased by fifty percent. I roared in pain as I fell off her, clutching my eye.

“You fucking bitch! What did you do?”

Adara stood, her chest heaving. The air smelled like pennies. Her face was nothing short of furious as I heard my blood dripping in a steady pit pat.

“Get the fuck off my land.” She took the steps one at a time, and I took retreating ones backward, unable to fully see. “Never speak to me again. Do not search for me in crowds. If you see me on the streets, you better run. The next time, I’ll take something that doesn’t come in a pair.”

She waved a blade in front of my good eye. My heart stuttered in my chest when I took in everything from her fingers clutched tightly around the handle to my eyeball hanging from the blade.

Adara Mashall was more dangerous than I would have ever thought.

“You have no idea what you’ve just done, you cockteasing bitch! You just started a war.”

And, to my surprise, Adara Mashall uttered two words that would change the destiny of everyone in this fucking town.

“Bring it.” —

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Heading to #LosAngeles

Connect • Learn • Get a book deal

#Dopereads is an event that gives literary creatives an opportunity to present their manuscripts in a speed-dating like approach to publishers and editors in the publishing industry. Our panelists will answer questions from the audience, giving book deals on site, and you will get a chance to network while enjoying the ambiance of the event. Dope reads. Dope creators. Dope energy.
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