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Tarring Jewelry , the Leading Manufacturer of Jewelry
Tarring Jewelry , the Leading Manufacturer of Jewelry

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Have a nice and relaxing weekend!

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Men Accessories — A set of talent design and high quality jewelry show the men’s grade of life and attitude of life.

Tarring Jewelry Men Accessories include cufflink, Roller Pen, watches, bracelets, necklace.
All of of the made by 316L surgical stainless steel or high polished brass material.
PVD plating color, we guarantee 2 years will not fade color.

Tarring jewelry set jewelry of cufflink, Roller Pen, watches and bracelet with unique and talent design, fine workmanship, high quality brand quality, which representing the identity, status, taste and the attitude of life.

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We are proud to offer a quality and artistic fusion selection of stainless steel & titanium magnetic bracelets.
Our magnetic bracelets have a 2000-2500 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnet in every link, scientific evidence indicates that 2000-2500 gauss magnetic field is the body can absorb best range.

Our stainless steel & titanium magnet bracelet the roughly difference between male style and female style, if width of less than 8mm, which we define as female style, the standard length = 7.5 “, if width of more than 8mm, defined as male style, length = 8.5″. Of course, we also accept custom lengths, as long as the length does not exceed 9 “, will be the same price, all stainless steel & titanium magnet bracelet can adjust the length via a simple tool, which means end retailers can easily adjust bracelet length tailored for each customer! Effectively improve the customer experience effect!

Our stainless steel and titanium magnetic bracelets are made from the finest quality materials. Why wear a stainless steel & titanium magnet bracelet? It’s a metal that is durable and won’t tarnish or rust in water. That means it’s perfect for those who are on-the-go and want to keep it on while they shower, swim or do dishes.

In addition to the magnet, we also innovative added other energy elements. The bracelet set with four kinds of energy elements –magnet, far infrared, germanium, negative ion , we call it “4IN1 Energy Bracelet”
Magnet and far infrared rays to give the human body bio-energy, improve blood circulation, relieve joint pain, promote sleep!
Germanium and negative ions, can be integrated human peripheral ionizing, effectively reducing the ionizing radiation!

Tarring Jewelry is the source of wholesale stainless steel & titanium magnet bracelet, we accept minimum order quantity only 200pcs for each style which also can color mixing, for example, you can order 100pcs silver, and the other 100pcs can be gold. All the stainless steel & titanium magnet bracelet will undergo a rigorous factory testing, with beautiful design + reliable quality. Perfect achievements the stainless steel & titanium magnetic bracelets!

Wholesale stainless steel magnetic bracelets, Tarring is the best choice for you!

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Magnetic bracelet

All the international jewelry brand choice Stainless steel material to Manufacturing Magnetic bracelet, Similarly,we use high quality 316L stainless steel as the main material manufacturing Magnetic bracelet, All Magnetic bracelet are manufactured using modern industrial machine, then manually polished by experienced artificer,Magnet bracelet each links has more than 2,500 Gauss energy, north stick skin, we strive every Magnetic bracelet are fine.

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Novelty Cufflinks—Make your life more interesting and funny.

Cufflinks (Cufflink) is also called the sleeve pin, is to use on the special cufflinks shirts, instead of part of the cuff button, it is almost the same as ordinary buttons, but because of the fine material and shape, the modelling of more styles and personalized needs of customized, good decorative effect, inadvertently, let a man originally drab dress and suit the scenery infinite.

Tarring Jewelry range of novelty cufflinks are a lot of fun. We’ve tried to cater for everyone, with sports, occupations and functional cufflinks. My favourites have to be the working sand timers, spirit levels, USBs, compass, enamel cufflinks.

For the high quality novelty cufflinks, Tarring Jewelry will be the best choice, will let you server our good service and quality.

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Roulette designer cufflinks for men – CL1134SG

These roulette designer cufflinks for men Boasting a refreshing and extravagant design, these are the key to an outstanding look.
With strong and flexible whale back closure, which can brand with your own Logo.
5 colors for optional.

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Everyone should Cherish water resources and thankful!

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Vortex design Cufflinks black color– CL1122B

These vortex design cufflinks Featuring a unique surface and a textured circle dot, these are a beautiful selection.
Black and silver color, also have gold with silver, rose-gold with silver for optional.
With strong and flexible whale back closure, which can brand with your own Logo.
Nickel & lead free.

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Fashionable cufflinks, magnetic bracelets...

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Fashion is an attitude!
Iris 95 years-old now, she famous in 83 years-old.
Legend Iris, love & proud of you!
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