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hello eeojioejiie

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After 17 hours of
flight from Cape Town to Milan, I really needed a couple of days off because I was totally wasted from the long trip but mainly for the terrible hot
weather. I was used to the stay on temps between 10/25 degrees range
with very low percent...

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First time out of Europe: Rocklands, South Africa.
I don’t want to
spend so much words to describe how much beautiful Rocklands is because this is
a Worldclass and well-known area where climbers from all over the world come to
test their self with the endless boulders has to offer. Rocklands is situated in

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Magic Winter
This winter season
has been pretty rad and It has been definitely a turning point in my climbing
life. Climbing a lot of hard stuff in the last few months signed the end but
also the beginning of a new path. I feeling
definitely stronger in the head and my ...

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My goals for 2015
The last couple of
months have been amazing because between rain and sun, rock and gym I was able to
think about the personal goals I would like to accomplish in this 2015. I decided to start
training by myself because after almost 5 years I think to have u...

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Had a blast in Céüse!
The last time I
wrote the blog I was in the middle on my injury and on the way to the Outdoor
in Friedrishafen. 52 days passed and too much things changed so I have
to tell you a lot. The 3 days I spent
at the outdoor were awesome, I’ve been able to meet pe...
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