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Back from possibly my best track weekend ever.

This time I worked with two coaches and had the suspension setup for my new (lighter) weight. The adjustments significantly improved the handling and gave me confidence to follow the directions from the coaches.

With their help I was able to shave 5 seconds off my lap times from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, down to 1:51. More importantly, I rode the last session of the day without a tow, yet I clocked consistent and my fastest ever lap times.

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Well done! You'd think media creators would care to read the copyright note on other people's pieces.

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Got the professional pictures from the track day, plus the #twowheelsgood bonus.

The whole set is on Flickr:
Barber March 2012 (6 photos)
6 Photos - View album

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I missed riding a lot yesterday, so I went and bought some pictures from the photographer at my last track day.
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Lads are clearly rioting against the funding cuts of social programs. He might need materials for his arts projects

I have a few Spotify invites to give away. Any takers?

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Audrey from My City Cuisine was kind enough to ask before using one of my photos on Flickr for her article. It's the one with two servings.

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Post your profile link if you have Spotify. Let's see those playlists!

Just write this:<enter Spotify user name here>

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g+ app for iOS is out!
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