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Abe Carpenter
I enjoy helping people move and feel their best and stay healthy
I enjoy helping people move and feel their best and stay healthy


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I really hate +T-Mobile  and the way they have changed and I hate that every time I talk to someone from there they try and tell me how their no contract way of doing things now is good. No matter what they say there is no way paying over $600 for a phone is better than paying $99 for the same phone with another carrier

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Marketing event mention this posting and get and exam consult and xrays for only $30!

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Wow a tie

Happy Veteran's Day to all those that have and do work to keep us safe

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Out voting! Don't forget to vote today

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9/11 Memorial Album

Reshare of this album of my pictures taken at the 9/11 memorial in New York City on the first day of its public opening on 9-12-2011  
9/11 Memorial - New York City (20 photos)
20 Photos - View album

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:'(  I remember...

Warning: some images are pretty hard to look at

On September 11, 2001, photography editors across the world, overcome with a deluge of devastating imagery, faced the daunting task of selecting photos that would go on to define a catastrophe like no other. A decade later, TIME asked a wide variety of the industry’s leading photo editors, photographers, authors, educators, and bloggers to tell us which image moved them most—and why.

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