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One day in the life of a Surveyor. I had once stepped on a coiled resting Python. Lucky it was full and sluggish. Yes, it happens some times!!!
This is what happens when you hunt animals XD
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A long time ago, thirty five years back that is, I was in Nagpur, India. There was a simple procedure by a grocery shop there. He had a printed checklist of all items. You visit the shop once and collect this. (You can photo copy from a friend also). You just fill in the check list and fax to the shop or read out on phone. You also specify the desired time for delivery and address. All grocery is delivered at your doorstep in exchange for a crossed cheque or cash. I found it the most convenient way then. I have not seen a more efficient system for groceries purchase since.

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Union Minister Naqvi Taken Into Custody Over Poll Code Violation Case, Gets Bail

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Rahul Gandhi Was Napping During Price Rise Debate, Says BJP

Sleeping beauty!

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