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New Photography Website!!!
We left the central Florida area about 10 days ago and are now in the Florida Panhandle, Holt to be precise. We'll be here for an undetermined length of time, as our daughter may be having a medical procedure. Should it be needed, we'll be here to help out ...

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Leaving Key West
 Wow, has it been a busy 10 days or so since we left Key West!!! After Sheryl got the all clear from her new doctor, we headed north towards the mainland. Our first order of business was to see our newest grand daughter in Miami. However, a campsite at Mark...

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Counting Down to Take Off
 What do you do after the Party Overload blog post, relax on a giant floatie in the Gulf of course. As you could imagine, relaxing kinda goes out the window as more and more people show up along with a gallon or so of Rum can see whe...

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Party Overload!!!
 Wow, what a crazy and busy couple of weeks. This is the time of the year when alot of people begin leaving Key West and start heading home. This includes many of our friends, and well of course you can't send your friends off with out a party or two. It be...

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Change in Plans and Just Having too Much Fun!!!
First our change in plans. As I have been posting, we were due to leave Key West on March !st and begin our adventure northward. Sheryl has a Local Doctor here (for as much time as we spend here) and he suggested she have a local Cardiologist also (just in ...

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Food and Fun
 The calm before the storm as they say, or in this case just the calm. Our week started out with this amazingly still calm morning. Great for beauty, bad for dry camp as no breeze makes for a sticky hot sleep, but we're not complaining as this very seldom h...

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Busy Weekend
 Quite the busy weekend we had. That's one thing we can say, there always seems to be something going on here at the base or in town to keep you entertained during these frigid winter months here in Key West. Friday night started out with a little star gazi...

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Big Bingo Winners!!! and Keeping Entertained
 This weeks highlight was the ladies winning big at bingo!!! The Coast Guard Chiefs Mess hosts Tuesday night bingo, so Sheryl and a couple of her friends decided to go. We husbands went also, but held down the bar while the girls played. The girls all share...

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The Key West Life
 Well, the new year has been cruising right along. We have been enjoying our waterfront view and just soaking it all in. One thing we have noticed this year as apposed to the last two years we were here, is we are taking life at a much slower pace. Seems as...

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Happy New Year!!!
 Happy New Year one and all!!! Ok a few days late, but you get the point.....:) I'm sure you all have been waiting with baited breath to see what we've been up to these last couple weeks.......well, I hate to disappoint, but not a whole lot, just day to day...
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