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Did you notice that G+ animates the focus-in of the comment box? Have they run out of useful features to implement? ;-)

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Having worked together with both Murray and Quim I can only add that both of them have been great mentors for me, each in their own ways.
After... what... eight years? I'm still fully grateful for one line +Murray Cumming sent me in a brief email. It basically said "Go for it."  I considered the advice seriously and I went for it. And I got it. And lots of things happened after that. And here I am, absolutely happy about my involement in software freedom.

Today I sent a short email to a free software contributor that basically says "Go for it!" [1] Then I felt the urge to come here to say Thank You Murray.

[1] The only difference being that Murray, always in a higher league of seniority, can engage people without exclamation marks.

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(Since it's Friday and +Aaron Seigo featured Ylvis last week …)
Here's a shout out to everyone in Boston who couldn't make it to the lovely city of Edinburgh for one week of Linux conferencing.

Got my LinuxCon badge upgraded by Jonathan Riddell from Kubuntu fame, yay!

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So how can I tell my browser to stop sending out all that metadata about my user agent, what plugins I have installed etc.? Try and be depressed about your uniqueness :-( 

One of the best things I got out of G+ was the XMPP integration for all my G+ contacts. Now that this is gone, I wonder why I should keep bothering about G+.

I feel like deleting my profile, to be honest.

Bah, I've been doing "web components" ever since I discovered XML + XSLT in 2003, full-blown with script support for Javascript and PHP.

How come a browser project gets 300.000.000 USD per year from Google but people complain that 100.000 USD as crowdfunding goal for an e-mail client is too much?

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I love how he's not afraid of new things. Just like Captain Kirk.
For those on Reddit, I have opened up my new community subreddit.  I must warn those of you who are not on Reddit that it is not for the faint of heart.  MBB

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Nice, Facebook is copying the Unity design :-)
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