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In our website, we need to achieve a seemingly simple task: Enable the user to send a specific text to all or some of his/her Gmail contacts (including contact selection).

We don't actually need the contact data itself. We prefer some kind of "Gmail Plugin" (if there is one) that asks the user to login and does all the work. Alas, we couldn't find any.

We did find several different Google APIs related to this task. Some of them seem to give us contacts data. Others seem to handle sending email:
   -  There is "Contacts API" under
   -  There is "Contacts Service" under
   -  There is "Gmail Service" under
   -  There is "Gmail Platform Integration" under

Each of the above looks different and there seems to be much overlapping between them.

So what is the recommended method to achieve our original task? Is there a plugin that does it all? If not - should we use separate APIs for getting the contacts data and sending the emails, or are there Google APIs that combine both sub-tasks? In case those are separate tasks - is it possible to email via Gmail, or are there other recommended services for the email sending part?
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