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The standards set by society these days are getting out of hand... 

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Developing a dynamic JEE service client with CDI (part 1)
With JEE6 CDI was introduced in and standardized for the Java Enterprise world. The main scope for the CDI extension was for enterprise services as it simplified various mechanisms in the JEE world such as EJB lookup or invocation interception. Unfortunatel...

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JUnit Testing with Jackrabbit
Writing unit tests for your code is not only best practices, it's essential for writing quality code. In order to write good unit tests, you should use mocking of code not under test. But what if you're using a technology or an API that would require quite ...

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Configuring SLF4J with Log4J2 using Maven
In our current project we had to decide for a logging framework. As it apears to be a common standard to use the Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) on caller side, there were various options on the logging framework itself. In the end we decided to use ...

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Some interesting points about JCR
While I was doing research about Java Content Repository ( JCR , specified in JSR 283 ) for our current project I stumbled upon various interesting fact worth mentioning besides the actual specification details, which I like to share. JCR was specified by D...

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Technical Debt and Prototyping
Currently I am preparing for my IREB Requirements Engineering Certification and I read (and already knew before) that in Requirements Engineering creating a prototype is a method and tool to validate requirements. A prototype should always answer a beforeha...

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