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SUCH a great article (and blog)!

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I came across this art on tumblr and find it fascinating! What are your thoughts?

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Best wishes to the royal family on the new addition!

May you find the time to spend helping him grow into an understanding, friendly, intelligent man, regardless of the duties royal life thrusts upon you.
It’s a Prince - sign the card & send your congratulations.

On behalf of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, +Clarence House  has announced the birth of their son, who was born today at 4.24pm BST in London. 

Join us in marking this historic occasion - simply +1 this post from +Google UK to add your profile picture and name to our special online card, which you can see at

To write a message to appear on the card, reshare this post and put your message in the text of your reshare. A printed version of the card will be presented to Kensington Palace.

We’ll be closing the card to new entries on 6th August, for more details visit

To appear on the card, you'll need to have added your picture to your profile.

#RoyalBaby     #RoyalBabyBoy  

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I thought this was a wonderful combination of expertise (law) applied to fun interests (superheroes, fictional characters).

The latest thing covered is the contract that Bilbo Baggins signed in The Hobbit.

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What a great idea. I'm surprised that I've never heard of such a design being used here in Canada.

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Great thoughts from Dave Newport & commenters on this topic. His perspective echoes my own in terms of how sustainability & resilience work together, though I don't consider resilience a new idea, just that it's become a buzzword recently. It's taken years for us to discuss and make attempts to define sustainability, and just as long to bring it into everyday conversations. Any term that one tries to replace sustainability with will have to undergo the same kind of refining and education curve. We are better off working with the over-arching term we have, the many ideas associated with it and creating local definitions using shared concepts.

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This is one of the greatest things I've seen in a long time! I remember a blog where a guy was attempting to take photos of himself doing poses of women off some novel covers & one of men in traditional pin up poses, but I think this might top them; definitely does in terms of number of submissions.

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I think this is a really innovative use of microbiology and quite neat.

After looking at the restaurant listings for Fredericton, I've realized that I have eaten at almost every single one. Sometimes I feel like I should find a way to become a restaurant reviewer.

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This is going to be a fabulous event in Ottawa! Come check out the yarnbombed Paratranspo bus in front of Suzy Q's that we're doing!

Nuit Blanche—literally “white night”—is a sleepless night that translates to “an all-night arts and culture extravaganza” on the back of the one-time, overnight sensation that lit up Paris in 2002 and spread to cities worldwide. Find out more about Nuit Blanche Ottawa’s (NBO) dazzling theme “La Vie est Belle/Life is Beautiful”.

Nuit Blanche comes to Ottawa on September 22, 2012!

Organized by BRAVO (Bureau des artistes visuels de l’Ontario), the free public event will transform public and private spaces of participating Ottawa neighbourhoods creating temporary night-time galleries and performance spaces. On Saturday, September 22, 2012, thousands of people will attend Ottawa’s very first Nuit Blanche, to witness a city pulsing with color and creativity. Art and cultural venues will remain open late in to the night as art lovers of all ages, residents and tourists alike, walk through the warm fall night to experience innovative and provocative works by artists from Ottawa and beyond.

Guided by a free bilingual program – online, via mobile and in print – that describes each artist, performance and maps the event, visitors will be whisked between neighbourhoods on special Nuit Blanche shuttles. Restaurants, coffee shops, bars and stores in the Byward Market, West Wellington Street and Hintonburg plan to stay open into the wee hours to accommodate all.

Putting Ottawa in the same league as other G8 capitals— many of which have their own Nuit Blanche events—this night will showcase the skill and creativity vital to the cohesion and dynamism of our community, the success of our industries, and the recognition of our city as an important partner and art destination.  Equally important, Nuit Blanche places Ottawa’s dynamic visual arts scene squarely on the city’s famous festival map!

The Executive Committee, staffed by a small group of artists and specialist administrators and supported by a growing corps of volunteers has won the support of galleries and venues across the city. Two internationally known curators are now finalizing the shows and performances for Ottawa’s inaugural sleepless night of art, performance and culture.  

On the 22nd of September stay the night with Nuit Blanche Ottawa. 

An ode to life, the first edition of Nuit Blanche Ottawa will present a spectacular array of visual, media and performance art from the National Capital region and around the world, paying homage to the incredible creative human spirit. In the darkest of times, artists have been able to shine light where there was none; capable of reimagining the world as a perfect place where peace, love and equality reigns for all. An exhibition like no other, incorporating performances, new media, street art, video installations, and interdisciplinary art, Nuit Blanche Ottawa will be a passionate manifestation of our collective hopes and dreams.

Life is Beautiful will bring together diverse artists who will interpret in their own unique way the beauty and dignity of human life. Can artists positively influence how we perceive the world, and each other? Can art propogate better understanding, change and progress?

For this first edition of Nuit Blanche Ottawa, we call upon artists to submit projects that encourage community development, interaction, collaboration, celebration and commemoration. Works can be political or personal, grandiose or intimate, educational or playful – all we require is that projects be positive, hopeful and life-affirming. As thousands upon thousands of visitors converge in Ottawa’s growing cultural districts for an all-nighter of art and exchange, let us take this opportunity to celebrate the transformative power of art and the creative human spirit that binds us all.

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