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Teresita B
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Teresita B

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Baby Ashton Chen, so cute<3
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she's well,,,restingbut it takes awhile for her to gather everything back to normal again,,,,
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Teresita B

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like it.. hope i could bring one.. get well soon. love you.
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Teresita B

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i love you mother, always<3
Our Mother’s Day dessert recipes are a delicious way of saying “thank you!” to the sweetest women in the world, our moms! Find more Mother’s Day recipe ideas here:
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eat well and stay well
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Teresita B

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Via +FoodFetish
Summer Food Safety Tips

During the summer in the Phoenix area it isn't always easy to keep your food safe. Sometimes, just traveling home from the grocery store can be dangerous to your food. Here are some tips to keep the food that your family eats from spoiling in the hot Arizona sun.

Summer Food Safety Tips

- Make your stop for food the last stop on your list of chores. The sooner you can get home with your groceries, the better. If you have room in the back seat, it might be cooler, after your air conditioner kicks in, than keeping the groceries in the trunk of your car.

- If it takes a while for you to get home from the grocery store, get one of those cooler bags for your frozen items, or bring a full size cooler with freezer packs and put your ice cream, dairy items, meat, eggs, and other perishables in the cooler for the trip home.

- If your kids (or the adults) snack in the car, make them nonperishable snacks, like nuts and crackers or dried fruit. Cheese sticks left in a hot car are pretty ugly.

- If you are on a road trip and you are taking beverages, stay away from cans of carbonated beverages that could explode in the car. Yuk. Stick with plastic bottled, non-carbonated drinks or juice boxes.

- If you are going on a day trip (or even across town) freeze a couple of bottles of water or sports drinks or lemonade for the trip. If you keep them in a cooler, they'll still be cool for the trip home. We keep a variety of about ten different frozen drinks in the freezer at all times!

- If you use a cooler, keep it full. It will stay cold longer.

If you are eating outdoors in the desert heat, here are some additional reminders:

1. Plan just enough so there are no leftovers.

2. Try to pick foods that are cooked, like fried chicken, and eat them within a couple of hours.

3. Keep all food in a cooler until you are ready to eat.

4. Avoid using dairy products at your picnic or at your patio party. Mayonnaise can go bad pretty quickly.

5. Any food left outside for more than an hour or so should be thrown out.

Copyright by
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True, true :)
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Teresita B

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Happy Mother's Day to all mothers around the world<3<3<3
In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, please share with us: what is the best advice your mom ever gave you?
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Maybe I aught to get a Sharpie and do the same for mother's day?
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Teresita B

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Summer Waterpark
Via +Jon Fisher
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For a day of games-Teresita tnk
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Teresita B

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Batman Family
Via +Komik Mania
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Teresita B

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50% of women says it's good to stay single and 50% women says double is fun and sexy<3
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kind of man need to be tied upside down
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Teresita B

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Good Night G+'s have a wonderful day<3
The Zen of Google

+Google has a class at their Googleplex called "S.I.Y." which stands for "Search In Yourself", and it's the most popular one there. Googlers can learn 'mindfulness at work' in three steps: "attention training, self-knowledge and self-mastery, and the creation of useful mental habits".

Wouldn't you love to have this at your job? Way to go Google! :)

Click this link to read +The New York Times article, video, and pictures on this:

Photo by Peter DaSilva
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Teresita B

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a tribute to mothers around the world<3<3<3
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thanks +Khris Cortez
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Teresita B

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Check out the London 2012 Olympics Aquatic Center. It looks soooo cool!!!!!!
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haha, you like my elder brother, my nieces dad, he's back to work in Abudabi:)
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