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Flawless victory! \o/!

A I received a more pleasant e-mail in my inbox this morning:

Node Knockout winners: "Overall / Solo: Observer by Speedo" \o/
My application managed to become first in 3 (overall, solo and utility) out of the 7 available categories.

So thanks a lot for voting, I couldn't have done it with out it <3!
Node Knockout Winners! After much delay, we’re happy to announce the Node.js Knockout winners! Overall / Solo: Observer by Speedo Observer allows you to watch your application users in real time, and....
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Thanks! It was neck to neck race, but I managed to score judge vote at the end of the competition that placed 0.5 point a head :)
who cares about the votes :) The app is cool...
Congratulations! I l'd love Observer project, is it done yet? I can not work on website. Whatever you are great, awesome!
+Le Zhang Thanks! I'm pretty honored to be mentioned on TechCrunch and also Read Write Web.

+Caesar Chi It's not "done" yet, but it should be working for you. What exactly doesn't work for you?

+Gamet A. Thanks!
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