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It was last year sometime I forget when exactly when after a dire environmental report.  One of the first commercials after was for new stronger Dixie paper plates. So strong use for dinner every night without a spill. Made my jaw drop then scream some of what I think at the screen.
My uncle went to Alaska some years ago and while the people were very nice to him, several things "shocked" him:

Apparently Americans fry bacon in butter.

Apparently waste disposal was virtually non existent.

Every night they ate of paper plates instead of real plates.

It is funny how much of a cultural difference there can be, in even the smallest things.
Recycle or die...
+Robert John not that you should be drinking tap water without proper filtration equipment but, you would be surprised to learn how much water it takes to make plastic... 
+Robert John I hope yours is fine, in some states it has been reported to be as drinking water from the pool or even worst with all kind of contaminants... right now some states are having salty water also due to the long winter...
+Ray Bernache : In most places in the US, what comes out of the tap goes straight into a bottle and is sold for more money than gasoline. YMMV, particularly if you live in a frakking zone.
+Paul Hartzer that is true, but it is not like we think that drinking plastic bottle water is necessarily better than tap water, isn't it?
+Paul Hartzer even excluding frakking, most municipality's water system is old!
 Even though it passes federal standards, that just means the "sample" isn't likely to kill you.
 we're talking not only lead, but years of sediment and bacteria, what comes out is, at best, a crap shoot (bonus pun), often filter & boiling are mandatory.
Oh and as for bottle water,

I got nothing      ;-)
+Peter Lyberth there are places where it doesn't harm the population, but most cities have contaminated water and it should be filtered as a minimum... most new refrigerator models come with water dispenser and the filters they use are not that bad...
It is still disgusting....

Think I'll drink to that...
In a nearby city (New Bedford MA) a coworker of mine has to periodically ream out the flexible supply tubes (cold water) to the sinks and toilet, it builds up so much crud, the water comes out as a drizzle.

Think about that, in less than three years, enough solids stick to the inside of the pipe, that water cant get through.......
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