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Does that mean we can invade Kentucky... or Texas? They totally have it coming! Texans attacked Americans in the Civil War; a Texan tried to kill John Wayne while he was giving council to Colonel Sherman T. Potter! Never forget How the West Was Won! And never trust a Texan!
Jesse B
It's kinda like where I live... I live in the imperial valley and across the border from me in the city of Mexicali Mexico they have a river that comes into the USA. It's called the new River, well the people here blame Mexico for it being so polluted but in reality it's all the American and some other foreign corporations causing most of the problems. 
+Jesse B your taking about the river that feeds the salton sea? 
Will working class citizens finally see how toxic deregulation can be? 2014 is mid-term elections. How much would you bet it will be 'Politics As Usual'?
Jesse B
Yes +Kyle Price there is a lot of American and foreign companies located there and some have even been caught dumping waste into that River. 
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