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Believe it or not... this is not Photoshop...
A Macbook, an iPhone, a Kindle, an iPod and... A BOOK!!!
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A good one! Truly remarkable "sign of times" pic.
Jay Leo
WOW~~~ the man is lighting~~ =)
Thank's God that still is people that read books.:)
But it's sad one thing. If those 4 talk to each other....
Whoah. Those attention seekers stop at nothing!
The truth is: there must be a book among the five, while the other four machines will change over time.
What's a book? Is it the next secret Google project.
Google 'Book'.
+Moni Ker Or he has a Thyroid T3 problem which causes hair loss, dry skin, rashes, and about fourteen other things :{ I love books!
Nav H.
Holy sheep. :D
Books will always reign supreme! Like physical contact, 100 dollar bills, food and water : )
I think he died from a paper cut.
Lesson..electronic gadgets improve posture :)
Carlo W
...seconds later, a robbery
That book he's reading must be awful, considering he's near the end and he looks like he's falling asleep...
at least, I still prefer reading from a book instead of Tablet :D
Dude needs to get with the times.
Man, if that was on some of the metro lines here in Paris, you could be sure that the bloke would be the only person left with something in his hands at least...
book is valuable than others !!!!!!!!
Just think. If this was in 85 there would be bulky phones, pagers, book and News papers. Oh yeah and a Boom Box on some ones shoulder.
Reading a book is a sign of luxury nowadays. Like driving a Bentley. It's a pity the guy ain't dressed correspondingly.
wooow love all interesting
This is really a rare moment. Great capture. Anybody here having all these? I'm missing a McBook. :(
Armando: may I use this photo for presentations, please - attribution fully granted of course.
Super! the guy looks ashamed! i am sorry i am reading a BOOK :-) head down...
oooh which one would you pick????
@Brett Hayes, the one who has Iphone in her hand is the most fed up
what do them reading or watching?
I don't think he is ashamed. I think he is in his own world, better maybe...he knows that the devices are not compatible... :)
The guy on the right isn't a trendy follower like the rest.
cool.this shows girls are smarter and high tech
HAAHAHHA the man with the book so feel traditional
book wins every time for me especially on a train at night'd be surprised at just how effective a hard back copy of "the girl with the dragon tattoo" can be
The last-named item is a trademark, owned by Facebook, or so they claim :)
Is it just me, or does the guy with the book look like the only one who's bored? Maybe this interactive web thingummy will catch on!
And when the batteries die, book reader wins
Its not the reading that makes you sleepy , its the BOOK
What a boring ,All these devices made the people selfish , and all these members in this photo they are not living in Present moment in a way,before the tech revolution human beings used to communicate each other more . "Talk to the fellow passenger when ever you traveling it will make you more human than a machine" Koshy
faster faster faster &faster
Books still have places in our daily life
su wa
good time pass..
Who's more likely to use these gadgets, women or men? Women.
so hardworking...................
modern to ancient
lol hahahahah .........
yeah but it looks like the one with he book is going to get a sore back
We are currently experiencing history in the making!
it's so sad...because people did not talk with each other....
Sign of the times.
Gadgets rule - Simple Math translates 4 to 1
The book looks the most interesting and absorbing, don't care what you say!
Everyone is busy Avatar novelty and newness without 
Nope i guess he is sleeping....wud never sleep on my mac book though :)
umm .. i'm in love with all the things but would prefer an interesting book ..
You mean they still make books? With paper and everything? I thought those were extinct.
Isn't it a book at the right, in woman's hands? It's not the end if his book falls down, just remove the dirt and go (navigate?) to the last used page...
Great time line of technology revaluation.
KINDA MAKE`s ya think how updated the world is!!
the guy with the book.......... why not he smart using the right way to read.....
The book looks like The Bible.
I prefer traditional book
Veena S
People have lost themselves in their own busy with Gadgets...
A good book is the best out of these! - And nobodies going to try steal your book from you are they?
Haha! Reminds me of a book I'm reading about the lost art & pleasures of conversation..
and the problem is that he reads from a book because he doesn't have enough money to get one of these devices!!
Tony j
Almost like the three monkeys!
wow. revolution truly conquer us today. in 5 among the picture, i prefer the person that reading a book. Book is truely cool teacher. It never mad at us even we left it everyday. :-)
I hate reading but, I hate reading on screens even more! So sad that they're more interested in plastic tech than actually talking with each other. The guy prob tried to chat with them gave up and started reading his book instead :D
i bet he could put the book down and it would still be there in 10 mins unlike the others
Finally some proof that women are more intelligent species
surprising... In Iran Apple product almost substituted with Android. but the relation still exist, while I prefer read my e-book in my tablet instead of talking about politic !
A picture from the '70s might be 4 with early handheld calculators and 1 with a slide rule.
Really this is true? Haha! They can't do that here in the Philippines! Most transport trains are always full.
Where's the person sleeping? Actually looks like the guy with the book is
I say 3 out of 5 will have stress when arriving...
And 1 out of 5 won't have bad eyes when arriving...
this is one cool pic. how lucky do you have to be to catch this sight
This picture is absolutely great:-) Did the people see that you are taking it?
+Martin Oberleiter A book's not analog. It's not even electrical.
Ofcourse, if you want get down to it, it's quantized with a dual nature.
wow! how did those people sit together I wonder!
mmmm I thought men were into electronic gadgets and here, it is the other way around!! Or can only the women afford the gadgets?
Best #streetphotography yet!!
Song Ma
Glad there's a book still
and zero social interaction... how sad
throw in a few iPads and that's pretty much what I see on the train ...
Wouldnt it be funny they were reading the same story.
The only one who doesn't look stressed the guy with the book!
Absurdity of modern world. Book will last longer. It doesn't require battery.
every one iz buzy so he waz carrying abook so....
I still like the feel of a book and seeing how far I am into it by where my bookmark is. Books rule
One doing work early,one aguring with partner, one reading a romance, and checking her saturday night pictures on facebook and one reading how to improve your lovelife lol. 
4 human beings failed hard. Though reading, no matter how, counts...
may be this metro has made by apple company and going to their office by their own way
Dude on the end is soooo RETRO!
Where does he live, under a rock??
lack of communication or we can call it mechanical life as well as monotonus
The man with the book is sleeping. lol...
that was a gr8 caption, i must say.dis pix is true art & it shld be cherished & save 4 future ref. gr8 job P 
lost in the the dangling conversation and the superficial sighs, borders of our lives...
ha ha, the guy with the book.... WHAT A DINOSAUR!
I think the guy with book is sleeping.. rest are attentive because they are bombarded with Ads and trying to read through them :)
he has asked the question and four smarty r searching the answer in Google - + =
and google glass this or next year
good 1 .:-) d man is rocking overthere by reading d book:-)
books are wonderful ..! will never get that pleasure on a kindle ..
i believe that old style is the best...books.not that i hate technology
Y- Fi
Bussy life
I wonder who is most likely to get robbed. (Of their minds then belonging's) welcome to our new world everyone. As you can see people are being dumbed down and the intellectual people are becoming an oddity. Wake Up.
it's showing that ladies are faster than of guys
Good to know that one in five people still read books.
ah the simplicity of books. sweet books i love
isolation...disconnection..zombies...Wellcome to the "BRAVE NEW WORLD".
Moral : With a MacBook/iPhone/Kindle you cannot sleep/relax during travel. With a book, no tension.
I live in France now. I don't get this pic. :-P
<offtopic>The girl with the MacBook is cute...</offtopic>
I think this captures so much, especially the fact that we are not a cookie cutter world and everyone has their own preferences!
Boko Haram!
That despicable book reader has spoilt the e-harmony that is evident in this picture.
They might unwittingly be in each others circles in G+ but they deliberately avoid interacting in real space and time outside cyberspace.
ok. you are surprised that this man is reading. a book.
nothing to be surprised at
Look like the ladies having fun with their "toys" & the guy is "depressing" lol
technology makes life easier and beter , but for those who undrstand what is life ! for others it is time wasting 
yup i agree with u ............
U tell 'em book!!!
No. Don't your eyes strain by sitting on the computer, iPad (whatever) Books is the windows of knowledge and they are damn good, interesting and increases our vocabulary.
I think we should read more books than online reading on your iPads
shame poeple just don't speak to each other anymore!
evolution right before your very eyes!
you’ve got to pick the book, books pwn! if you do electronics then it dosen’t matter, the only thing im sure of is is that books are always going to be #1!
We can connect with everyone except the people right in front of us. For an interactive experience, press the 'off' button now...
The Wired and the Unplugged...
No offense but theyr all cooler than u. Jk
i think this guys all are come in one circle....electronic kid..:)
what's up man this morning name is brian call home from the maryland area
but the last man look very bored ...with their girlfriend..:)so avoid all the carefull boy's:)
i know because no one reads books anymore its a shame

looking at your picture on my telephone from your bus ride it to take it to work
The macbook looks out of place. The book looks old judging from the colour of the paper.
bathaNa sa achha hi Ki Kuchhu Mehanat Karo
its shows very busy life in metro also
Book guy is old skool! Once upon a time a book used to be new technology.
Whats a book? LOL! You don't ever see anyone reading them anymore.
Hanging his head in shame... on the upside, his battery won't die. hehe
books are waiting to load or lag having to recharge or worry about spending a arm and a leg to replace if stolen lost or damaged lol.
So that's what a book looks like.
I think that's a BINGO, right?
busy life ........always I saw like that
Glad to c people still know u cant get everything online. Books roxk nothing like the feel of turning the pages of a good book. Thanks that just madr my day
Looks like the evolution of a book! It's amusing as it is amazing... LOL!
He should at least look more focus on his book Απϑ sit up straight
T hen welcome to INDIA .ones u step into INDIA u will be one of the lazy in country population........
Ez Gilz
Books are still it for me.. And I would not be converting anytime soon.
Nice to c somebody actually holding a real book
Also true for pure Europeans. See a similar picture every day on the Paris metro system.
and it even has a decent thickness! Good one!
The ratio of human beings to sheep in recent times have significantly decreased in recent times. Hope more creatures evolve into human beings rather than becoming sheep.
How come no one noticed the conventional guy who decided to read a BOOK???? A hard copy!
4 out 5 people stand the chance of being robbed on public transportation LOL
The guy with the book probably spells better than the rest, and doesn't need auto-correcting.
oh god what has society come to?! how can someone dare read a paper book?!
it actually very comon to see people tied up to their gadgets on metros but the book its not comon at all
hahah, this is common, but just crazy and funny at the same time. I still love that people are reading newspapers and books though, cause apple and kindle products are taking over..
No its definitely not photoshop... its called I got 5 friends who don't mind sitting next to each other to pose for a photo I want to put on google+.... lol... 
In my times most of the people who had time to spare - in a bus, a train, waiting; we would see people reading. Not any more, people have not time for books even at home I think.
Physical books are still my favorite.
Show-off, sheep, convenient, sheep, old-school. Really, the only smart ones are the ones reading and not just playing with thier Apple crap.
wow ! i guess i am pretty old fashioned because i still have a lot of books !
20years ago, it was weird someone holding a notebook in public, and a book is strange now, what happened these years....
The book wins! What an apt photo depicting the current trend in 'reading', for example.
And the winner is.....BOOK!!!
why is it the girls that use gadgets i tought boys are always caught up in the gadgets
Book guy looks frustrated. With all those gadgets why wouldn't he be. Good thing is he can drop his book and be like, 'whatever'
This reminds me of the famous evolution sketch where mankind gradually evolves from a sea creature then stand tall and end up using a computer with a huncback :)
That's my brother from another mother. He just learned how to read!
Love the book reader...clearly a person still in touch with his roots
The Evolution of Reading...
Love this pic can I save it & how?

Sounds like my family wen we go out ipod iphone iphone iphone iphone ipad nd a!.... ayo technology....
Whats happening to us?! We are loosing our relations more and more...thanks to lovely gadjets.
BOOK: noun. A large, heavy paper/card constructed product in which to store a small part of your Kindle collection.
shan li
wow like china
Give me a tablet to read anyday, EXCEPT on sunday morning, there is something very comforting about a sunday paper and a hot cup of coffee !
Kid on the right reading the book will be the smartest of all
What the hell is that thing with the all paper in between? OH, that's a book?!
This just goes to show you how techology is progressing
blasphemy!!! he should be kicked out of the train... jk
i still love reading books...
That's so sad that no one reads books n e more
it's Strange people use FB, Twitter, even Google + and make excuses that it is the best way to socialize when in order to really socialize, all they have to do is turn to the peorson next to Us and Say 'Hey'!

Techonology Advancements are killing our Social lIfe Badly....Believe it or not!
Ben Jim
His kindle probably ran outta juice :P
Ha!...last of a dying breed ...I love real books - no substitute to turning real pages
Any book is much better than any apple product. At least you do not get locked inside something you paid for.
This is modern life now :)
wow all technology..........and then ur back to a book.( not that that is a bad thing but just plain out wow)!!!!!
Why are people saying "this is so sad"
This reminded me of the saying, "you know you are in the 20th century when, you call a friend on your cell phone to see if they are home and you are sitting out
side their house...LOL

I remember books ... weren't they made of trees or something like that(?) ;)
i have a 1981 cassette walkman with duran duran rio.
lynna c
book. i though i said that... srry for my grammer too lazy.
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