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He's after the votes of the poor, and the money of the rich, as what he said is unreal
That is very very true. Make your public transport so capable, everyone would like to travel by it than taking the car.
Public transportation only works in large cities.  Those are few and far between.  
+Stephen Russell I think that is the message idea, regarding daily commute in the large cities, where the rich are concentrated...
+Armando Lioss it is. A nice concept, but no rich man will give up his comodoty to takw the bus wvwn if it a bus made of gold
+Desmond Scifo I don't quite agree with that, as an example New York or even more specific Manhattan...
Let people go however they choose, where they choose.  That means cars.
+Regan Gassaway No it appears that they prefer to destroy another industry and in turn put more people out of a job world wide just to smell stinky people on a bus or train.  

I would love to find a carpool candidate for my 35 mile drive out to the country.  But few people work out where I do.   
+Stephen Russell Eh, I'd love to have more public transit alternatives in areas where it's practical.  Inside big cities, it makes a lot of sense.  
But I love the open road; won't be giving that up! :)
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