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Most people I know aren't trying to force kids to learn about God in schools, but to allow them to mention Him. I think there's a big difference there. I'll just stop with the one topic for the day :)
Good thing our country has that little peace of paper that specifically dictates the separation of church and state.
You mean a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists, expressing how the government can't engage in the "prohibiting the free exercise thereof"? That's the source of that expression, which does not appear in any founding document.

I'm glad that you support a restriction on the Gov't's ability to dictate what schools can and can't say about God, but I'm afraid we've allowed baby-steps to bring us just too far at this point, +anthony valentin.

At any rate, fight the good fight ;).
+Chad LaFarge ur correct the wording doesnt appear verbatim but it is a strictly implied ideology. the first amendment alone dictates the importance of thinking beyond confined religious scripture. freedom of speech, expression, and choice. all ideas which have been historically opposed by all religions.
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