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This is somewhat disingenuous. California, Texas, Florida, and New York are all way up there because they have huge populations. If you made it per capita, it would probably even out.
And there are some characters out there who use military type clothes to make people open their wallets. Yesterday a gent told me he bought a meal and was going to give it to what he thought was a vet when the guy told him he could keep the food, it was money he wanted and confessed he was not a vet.  He is setting in Harrison Co. Jail for vagrancy now.
Either the source is wrong or you commenters are missing the point completely. Which is it?
There are very few homeless in midwestern, rural states because they're allowed to die in the cold there. In the south and on the coasts the major cities have some services so they dealt with the entire nation's homeless population. 

California has more homeless because it rarely freezes in the coastal cities. A lot of our homeless come from Nevada, Utah and Idaho and points north. 
The graph isn't particularly useful since the number (rather than the rate) of homeless people, as well as homeless vets, tracks almost exactly to population distribution, which is basically what the graph is. I wonder if there is a heat graph for the rate of homeless vets among all homeless by county. That might be more instructional.
1 in 4 homeless are veterans! Is anyone arguing with that figure?! Because that is what's really significant here!
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