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Just one more reason to pass on Mitt Romney this coming November. He vetoed a raise in the minimum wage as governor of Massachusetts. After all, he's "unemployed" and he's doing all right...
+D.J. Raspe it's high time that Americans realize that they live in a Social Democracy. I think we've come far enough to get over the Communism specter. Social Democracy is alive and well in France and Germany... and they spend their time laughing at us. No, I'm not joking.
+Bruce S No! You don't mean the very same Scandinavian den of iniquity that is generally considered to be the most progressive and advanced culture on Earth? That's just (more sarcasm) outrageous. What?! Are they just printing money over there?!!
+D.J. Raspe Well, we could try that model... once the Oil Companies stop keeping it all for themselves.
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