Paint Horse named: Bella

Bella came to me in mid Dec. 2011. She was an abused horse that was rescued. Her issues at the moment are: Does not like people working in her right eye, does not like ropes swinging around her, and she also shows signs of aggression when mounted bare back. Once I earn her trust and respect she will make a great horse for her new owner.
It is now Jan. and Bella has now been in training for several weeks. I can now aggressively slap the stick a string on the ground around her without her getting afraid. Her riding is also getting better. She is getting softer in the face and picking up the correct leads. So fare she is on the road to a great recovery!
It's now April 2012 and time for Bella to go home. Bella had to be out of training for a while due to a sore club foot. We use natural hoof care and that is really helping her problem. Bella is now doing nice spins, simple lead changes, and some liberty. She is so super soft in the face. You pick up and she brings that nose around nice and smooth. This is one of those times when you hate to see a horse go home, because she is so fun to ride.
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