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Ok I may not want kids but there's just something amazing about my niece playing with my shinai <3

Going to go look at an apartment with Diana ^_^

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1. D&D 3.5
2. I asked a girl about the Serenity quote on her bag. We then becamse best friends and she introduced me to the "Concordia Nerd Alliance" a safe haven from the conservative Christian crazy that was rampant at my school and I joined their weekly D&D sessions my second year :)
3. The very first 3.5 game I participated in where I learned that gaming was an interactive storytelling medium. The writer and drama nerd in me fell in love with the idea in general and I have been running with it for six years now :)
Gamer Origin Stories: tell us about how you got into role playing games

Hello readers, we'd like to run an experiment on G+ open to all RP gamers! Here are three questions for you:

1. What's the first RPG you ever played?

2. How did you get involved in that game?

3. What about your first game made you want to play again?

Reshare this post and add your answers. Don't forget to use the hashtag #myfirstrpg . Circulate as widely as possible!

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It will probably not be as awesome as it looks but you gotta respect the woman for being willing to wear those bitchin' horns

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"Just let your friends direct your movies and they'll turn out better"!

'The Star Wars That I Used To Know' - Gotye 'Somebody That I Used To Know' Parody

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Ok Ladies, if you consider yourself a feminist you need to acknowledge that being a stay at home mom is a choice and women having a right to choose what they do with their lives is pretty much the entire freaking point! Yes, Ann Romney is old fashioned and probably can't relate to modern women but it's not because she's a homemaker. It's because she belongs to a religion with deliberately outdated thinking.

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My younger sister ran away when she was 16 and it broke my family's heart. We couldn't find her for two weeks and it drove my parents insane with fear for her. Please watch and share this and hopefully someone will at least be able to tell Haley's family that she is safe.
Haley ran away, the day after Christmas - One of the three locations she marked on the map her dad found in her room was Bisbee, AZ - AZ folks (especially my Bisbee friends) will you please keep an eye out for her? And share this locally?

Haley is Autumn's age. I know you understand what it would do to Pat and I if the Valkyrie was out on her own somewhere. Her dad just wants to know she's safe.
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