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Ben “The Blenster” Hibben
I'm a geek! :-)
I'm a geek! :-)

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Today's song is from the composer Ennio Morricone who wrote some of the most epic Western soundtracks. His music always brings me back to watching Clint Eastwood Westerns with my father (+Daryl Hibben):

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Today's song is a nice kick in the pants; it's high energy and that bass pounds.

This is from my dubstep playlist, bass-heavy techno that I like to listen to when writing code or driving.

This song grabbed me from the moment I first heard it in a hula-hoop video (see: ) and immediately got added to my dubstep playlist.

This song is full of positive energy and motivation and serves as a great mental "pick me up" for me.

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This incredible video shows the rapid evolution of bacteria over time overcoming the antibiotics placed in the environment.

More information in their paper here:

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I heard this song on the radio and it made me think back to relationships I have chosen to end over the years.

I tend to be pretty laid back and easy going and perhaps I don't communicate my boundaries strongly enough but from time to time someone seems surprised that I'm done dealing with them. There's only so much crap I will take from anyone before I wash my hands of the mess and move on.

So here's to knowing when it's OK to burn that bridge and walk away from a toxic/abusive/manipulative/user/whatever.

Here's to having the strength to simply stop responding to them and keeping them out of our lives.

Here's to finding someone better to spend our time with.

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Let's get to Mars:
Please SHARE!

Let the games begin!

Join Us TODAY for Day 1 (May 22, 2017) of the #TrainLikeAMartian Challenge! To find today's challenges please click the link below!

Make sure you participate to be entered to win prizes, including our grand prizes which include the MimeticsCanada #JadeRobot, Lottie Dolls Stargazer Doll and an Osmo Coding Jam App donated by STEM Genius Hour and a Galileoscope donated by STEM Jeff!

To check out today's challenge, Crew Strength Training, go here:

It's not too late to sign up to qualify for the prize drawings - we are giving out a bunch of cool space swag! For more info and to sign up click here:

If you want to donate to help us reach our $10,000 fundraising goal for this event and help send kids who lack financial resources to Space Camp please click here:

***Don't forget there are prize drawings for participation and also rewards for donating!

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Today is a day of change for me; I'm about to embark on another adventure or two and I'm making changes to enable this to happen. Just waiting on the paperwork to come in so I can get it processed.

I feel high energy and so today's song is one of my many energetic techno tracks that I enjoy; this one is from Infected Mushroom which I have had the privilege of seeing live at a DerbyCon event.

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Dad (+Daryl Hibben) finished another damascus bowie; this is available for $700 while it lasts. It has a brass guard and Cocobolo handle. Powder Damascus is made from stuff like scrap steel/Damascus (though I've also seen folks use steel rings, chains, etc.) which is put into a mold with powdered steel added to fill the gaps. This is then heated up to forging temperature and then typically pressed in a hydraulic press to accomplish the weld.

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This is me:

h/t +Amanda Patterson​

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This is an important tool to know how to use:
Calipers are your best friend when you're doing digital fabrication work. Taking accurate measurements is so important

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I need to take this advice someday:
Don't forget to take a <br>, sometimes your brain needs to recharge! 😎🔋
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