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I'm a geek! :-)
I'm a geek! :-)

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Many years ago I dated a woman who was into the Renaissance Festival scene. A coworker had introduced me to this band and I was pleased to find them performing at the Ohio Ren Faire. We would follow them from performance to performance most of the times we went up there; they are talented performers and their shows are quite entertaining (even/especially if you know all the words and can sing along).

One of my "bucket list" goals was to see them perform in "My Dear Mother's Pub," where this was recorded, and it turns out that the place is now called "The Ailing Knight" and it's where I first saw them live! :-)

They have a pretty deep discography with a lot of great songs, some of which will eventually be featured on here if this continues on long enough. This is a great introduction song, though, as it let you know who is who and what sort of humor they have. If you like this check out the Shepherd's Love Song next.

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More exciting young Makers:
Smart Girls: smashing stereotypes, one robot at a time

The really cool thing about being a self-rescuing princess is that you get to do sooooo many super fun things, and never care whether they've been deigned "for girls" or "not for girls" by some stuffy old windbags acting as the Gender Police. Fun stuff like building robots to take over the world! Mwahahaha!

Oh, wait... I mean... not take over the world. Just fun, friendly little robots that scoop up balls and throw them into baskets. Yeah. That's totally what I meant.

But seriously, check out these six smarties, the Rubies, and their awesome AND adorable robot! Left to right: Ava, Rachel, Adelaide, Izzie, Isabella, and Mitra. Together, they make up the Rubies FTC Team #9890, the first all-girl robotics team from Minneapolis, Minnesota. As part of the Velocity Vortex challenge, they compete against other students their age, as each team designs, builds, and programs a robot to play a floor game against other teams’ robots. It's a challenge that requires a wide variety of skills: STEM skills like engineering, physics, math, coding, and the link; but also social skills like marketing and outreach as each team needs to build a network of sponsors and supporters.

The Rubies go into each season with the goal of squashing the assumption that girls in robotics are only good at the social skills. "We want to show that with hard work and persistence, a girl’s team can compete, achieve success and earn respect for both technical and management skills." These girls have been working together for several years, starting out in the Lego League before aging into the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) program two years ago. They are now in the middle of their second season, and are already winning high praise and awards! In their first tournament this season they came in second over all in the qualifying matches, and were captains of the winning alliance. In their second qualifying tournament, they came in first!

These girls aren't just about winning, though. They're dedicated to encouraging other kids to join the fun of robotics. This year alone, they've mentored five new robotics teams and run regular "Robotics 101" workshops, all while they prepared for competitions themselves. "​As the first all-girls FTC robotics team from Minneapolis, we are dedicated to empowering young women in engineering and spreading robotics programs to people who previously lacked the resources to participate."

Check out their website:

Check out this great story featuring the Rubies and another all-girl team, the Ponytail Posse:

Read more about other smart young women doing amazing (and fun) stuff:

Support SRPS:


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I love this song...

Listen to your heart...

The song is about perseverance in a relationship and I love the hopefulness it expresses.

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Blacksmithing really is fun:
This Alec Steele guy makes some pretty cool and really fun content about blacksmithing! Take a moment (or twelve) to watch him in action! You won't regret it.

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Gorillaz is another group that will have a couple of songs on this playlist.

Created as a response to the increasing "artificiality" of music at the time (a natural consequence of the "big business" nature of the industry while their stranglehold over distribution still held pre-internet) this band is so artificial the singers aren't even real; they're cartoons.

Out of this almost sarcastic response to the state of the music industry the creators participated in interviews "in character" with writers willing to accept that caveat as they collaborated with various artists to make, well, interesting and often compelling music.

This song never fails to grab my attention and make me want to chair-dance (my poor cat has to witness this). Let us listen to this and Feel Good together:

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It's another Monday and many of us are headed off to work; here's a slightly dark instrumental song with a driving rhythm to help get us moving.

I find this a great song to work to.

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I posted a picture of this blade when I polished it; dad finished it and it's available now for $450. 440c stainless steel, stabilized burl, and stag. Handmade leather sheath and warranty.

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Helping dad in the shop today; these two damascus and stag beauties come with a handmade leather sheath and are only $300 each:
2 Photos - View album

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As I promised a while back (see: ) there's another Husky Rescue song that I love that belongs here; in fact this is the first one I heard.

The music video is gorgeous. The music is ethereal and otherworldly.

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"It is the business of the future to be dangerous; and it is among the merits of science that it equips the future for its duties." - Alfred North Whitehead

He also wrote: "Seek simplicity and distrust it."

Hawkwind named this song, and indeed this album, after the quote.
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