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Ben “The Blenster” Hibben
I'm a geek! :-)
I'm a geek! :-)


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Today's song is another peaceful interlude from Jiang Xiao-Qing. If you like this see this post as well:

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Today's song is another from that powerful Bon Iver album that so deeply impacted my emotions as I also was going through a rough time; I've posted before here: and here:

This song speaks to me and I've startled friends before by just how fiercely I sing along to the lines:

I told you to be patient
I told you to be fine
I told you to be balanced
I told you to be kind

Sometimes we screw up and we "yell" at ourselves because we knew what we were supposed to do but... We didn't.

Try not to beat yourselves up too much my friends; learn and move forward and do better next time. But if you do know that you're not alone in that bad habit.

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It's no secret that I like the occasional silly song (see: ) which, for whatever reason, I have managed to more or less memorize.

Here's another one (blame it on the pain meds; this stupid kidney stone isn't out of me yet and it's gone back to being painful):

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This is funny:
"I thought it would be hilarious to rig my dorm with a sensor that played random transitions from the Seinfeld show."

(via +BuzzFeed)

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Fantastic build:

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Still not feeling all that well today but I'm able to get up and get a song picked out.

Today we're returning to Garbage for the darkly beautiful song #1 Crush.

The lyrics are in the description of this video and they describe the depth of her desire for the object of her affection. She describes all the things she'd do for them with a fervor that shows her affections are somewhere near the border of sanity (which side is hard to say; love seems to be a form of madness itself).

One warning sign:
You will believe in me
And I will never be ignored

Oh man; I've learned from experience that's a huge red flag... Which connects it to Enigma's fantastic song I Love You, I'll Kill You featured here: Love can become obsession and that can lead to some dark places and unhealthy conditions. That said I feel for her; feeling ignored by your crush is awful. Been there, too.

So while I love the passion in this song (and I really do feel a strong appeal to that sort of devotion) it also serves as a warning; too much of a "good thing" is a bad thing even when it comes to love and devotion.

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My kidney stone has finally let me get out of bed today but I'm not feeling super energetic so I'm going to a classic song with a sax hook that I love (and that's super recognizable) because it was right here and I love it and why not share it?

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This is beautiful:
If you like to read with gentle music playing, do yourself a favor and start the video while you’re reading about [Hugo Swift]’s MIDISWAY. The song is Promises, also by [SWIFT], which has piano phrases modulated during the actual playing, not in…

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Interesting; CBT helping to fight chronic pain:
Curing the incurable - treating chronic pain with an app

The app is, appropriately, called Curable. Its treatment program is based on the (thoroughly scientifically grounded) notion that chronic pain tends to slowly rewire the brain to “perpetuate the feeling of pain” — and that this neurological sensitization to pain can be undone, in whole or in part, via mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. Its founder and CEO, John Gribbin, fought lower back pain for fifteen years himself before overcoming it with this technique. It may sound odd that cognitive techniques can overcome and eliminate real physical pain, but there is an sizable amount of hard science behind this, which Curable users are walked through. Lest you think this is a goofy fringe approach, the Mayo Clinic offers a similar multidisciplinary pain program, wherein “chronic pain, unlike the acute variety, [is] treated as a malfunction in perception, whether or not an ongoing physical cause [has] been identified” (7) … for $40,000 (not to mention an extended stay in Rochester or Minnesota). Curable, by contrast, is free at first, and ultimately charges all of $5 a month. I don’t want to pretend that it will be a panacea for every chronic pain sufferer. It won’t. But I can tell you that in the two months since my wife started using it, she has gone from 18-20 migraine days a month to one or two. Yes, you read that correctly. She has resumed drinking wine, eating chocolate, running and lifting weights, napping, casually booking cross-country & transcontinental flights, and working long, strenuous attorney hours again. We have an appointment with her neurologist later this month … for a friendly dinner, because it doesn’t look like we’ll be needing his professional services much anytime soon.

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Cool; get your name included:
Send your name to #Mars! Fill out this form and +NASA's #InSight lander will carry your #name to the Red Planet in 2018:
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