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Ben “The Blenster” Hibben
I'm a geek! :-)
I'm a geek! :-)


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Two new creations at my dad's shop:

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Today's song is by Apocalptica which became known for covering Metallica songs on four cellos though they moved on to producing original work that's quite beautiful as well.

Whenever I need to hear this song but am not in the position to play Metallica (for example when working at a stuffy office where music choices are more limited) this is a great way to slide around that restriction.

True story: I once had a VP ask me who the composer was when he heard this at my desk. I told him it was Metallica which surprised him; he hadn't realized how complex and intricate Metallica's music is.

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Today's song is a classic loved by many and you've probably heard it before but I'm still sharing it because I enjoy it.

The song is inspired at least in part by the spree-killer Billy Cook.

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Today's song is also definitely NSFW and continues the religious mocking so fair warning.

Still continuing the theme of "Songs you probably shouldn't sing in the supermarket" comes this entry from the comedian Trevor Moore rapping about how the Catholic Church has monetized their religion. There's some history and commentary about their policy of hiding child rapists.

I've got at least one more song I could put in this series but perhaps it's time to return to more regular music. What do you think? Should I post another one tomorrow or is this enough dirty songs for now?

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Today's song is also definitely NSFW though it starts out innocently enough.

Still continuing the theme of "Songs you probably shouldn't sing in the supermarket" comes this entry from the comedic geniuses Garfunkel and Oates (I have had a small crush on Oates at some point in my life. Why no I did not say that point in my life has ended, why do you ask?).

This song brutally attacks religious hypocrisy and the notion that a woman is only "pure" if she hasn't had vaginal sex before marriage so you may not want to play it around anyone who's that sort of Christian; they're likely to not see the humor (e.g. Mike Pence is unlikely to find this acceptable which is as good an endorsement as I can think of). It also has a profane but catchy chorus that you should not find yourself singing to yourself at inopportune times.

This duo has a number of great songs and not all of them have this much swearing in them so I highly encourage you to spend some time exploring their other songs. I also really enjoy their song mocking sports culture: Sports Go Sports.

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She's always very happy to see me when I get home and not at all spoiled:

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Today's song is also definitely NSFW.

Still continuing the theme of "Songs you probably shouldn't sing in the supermarket" comes this entry from The Oatmeal and Sarah Donner combining one of his comics (see: ) which Sarah adapted into this clever, catchy song that you should definitely not find yourself singing in the middle of your favorite supermarket later (but probably will; I'm sorry).

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Today's song is NSFW. Very, very, very NSFW.

Continuing the theme of "Songs you probably shouldn't sing in the supermarket" comes this entry from South Park, Bigger, Longer, and Uncut". This movie has several great songs but this is the dirtiest catchy tune and so fits the theme I picked best.

It also gives me a chance to relay an interesting story about the song; the creators have been interviewed about this movie and one of them said that one of the songs was rejected by the censors and sent back for revision so they made it worse and then sent it back and it passed the second time. I'm pretty sure it was this one.

It's an incredibly vulgar and yet catchy song and one you don't want to catch yourself singing in public:

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The maker of the 0201 SMD challenge had too many people succeed so he decided to up the ante with a 01005 resistor and another 0201 LED -- but one that doesn't have any way to find the polarity because it is frosted.

I was able to build it in around an hour and livestreamed it on my twitch channel. All this was announced via my Twitter @blenster (same handle I use anyplace I can).

To give you a sense for how small that 01005 resistor is I will point out that it is smaller than the sharp end of the toothpick I used test the solder joint. It is smaller than ground pepper. It was like soldering a single grain of table sugar or salt.

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I believe I've mentioned before that I enjoy a variety of musicals, sometimes they have very catchy songs that you don't want to find yourself singing while shopping. I thought it might be fun to post one today.

Springtime for Hitler comes from The Producers, a very funny movie by Mel Brooks and starring one of my favorites: Gene Wilder

This catchy song features Mel Brooks voice saying:

"Don't be stupid, be a smarty!"
"Come and join the Nazi Party!"

though another actor is on screen.

The movie caused quite a stir when released for a variety of reasons but has endured as a classic comedic film that attacks a wide variety of stereotypes with comedy.

I decided to start this stretch of "Songs you probably shouldn't sing in the supermarket" with this film to remind folks it's perfectly OK to openly mock Nazis because fuck Nazis. Future songs in this series will be even less SFW.
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