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Quick and dirty edit showing the animation of the 2016 #DerbyCon Black Badge that Charles and I made; this is the big project i've been super excited to be able to show you all. We'll be making a video soon to show the features but for now here's a quick peak:
Just found out I have another stone, 3mm on the right side, at the Dr's office yesterday. Who wants to go on a road-trip?
A urologist has discovered that riding a roller coaster helps patients pass kidney stones with nearly a 70 percent success rate.
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Only if I get to film you when you double over in pain.
Opening ceremonies for #DerbyCon  and at around #13:30 in you can see a very tired me (and Charles) present the 2015 badge, which you can see animated. We were up all night finishing them and I literally drove home to change into clean clothes and then drove there to make it in time to present them on stage:
+Smooth-On has fantastic customer support and tutorials to help you make awesome things using their products:
Bill Doran from Punished Props shows how to paint resin for a realistic metal look. #resin #smoothon #moldmaking #casting #props
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Ooh damn! I need to do this! 
Scientists identified a gene in strange, aquatic creatures called tardigrades that helps them survive boiling, freezing and radiation. One called "Dsup" (short for "damage suppressor") seems to attach to and protect DNA from radiation.
A gene from an almost indestructible microscopic creature could provide "radiation shield" for human cells, scientists find.
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Meet BeagleBone Black Wireless, the newest board in the BeagleBone family. Now designed in EAGLE!
Meet BeagleBone™ Black Wireless, the newest board in the BeagleBone™ family. Replacing the 10/100 Ethernet port with onboard 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth, the popular open source BeagleBone™ Black computer now comes with built-in wireless networking capability.
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I don't use the word "addiction" lightly when I say I read like an addict:
Yes I've done this before. I mean, just one more chapter...
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I am also addicted to reading, and that is also not said lightly.
17.8 percent efficiency; not too shabby for a cheap cell:
Thin-film technologies can dramatically reduce the cost of next-generation solar modules, say scientists. Whereas their production cost is low, it is in particular the combination of complementary absorber materials in a tandem solar module that increases the power conversion efficiency. Researcgers demonstrate that a perovskite/CIGS tandem thin-film solar module that achieves 17.8 percent in efficiency, surpassing for the first time the efficien...
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Interesting take on a jig; I've seen a few here and there over the years. My father, +Daryl Hibben, does all this free-hand and has been teaching me the technique, too. It takes some practice but you can achieve some pretty fantastic things once you have the skills.

Still a jig is a great way to get into knife-making and definitely helps you get a better finish faster. While I understand the argument of those that prefer a "pure handmade" knife I'm personally pretty pragmatic about the practicalities of making things and using tools to make my life easier so I don't have any strong objections.
When sharpening a knife, it is critical to have the knife at the right angle. A knife jig handles this for you, letting you focus on getting the edge right. Y ou could just buy one, but where’s the fun in that? [origamimavin] decided to make his own…
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Doing it freehand is an art, and a skill not everyone has the tools to practice.

I've done some touch-up on a stone at work - the regular guy who did our counter knives at the DFC left a really irritating feather edge, so three of us kept a stone and hid our sets when he showed up.

I'm still not great at it.

How Little Vibrations Break Big Rockets... aka Pogo = No Go. New video finally!
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Fearless makers are conquering ever more fields of engineering and science, finding out that curiosity and common sense is all it takes to tackle any DIY project. Great things can be accomplished, and nothing is rocket science. Except for rocket science…
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Follow this 3D printed bouncy ball project, using 3D lattice structures to improve compliant consistency.
When I got NinjaFlex working on one of my 3D printers, my first goal was was to make a bouncy ball. Sounds simple, right? I printed a simple sphere in a flexible filament. I was disappointed when I discovered that it did not yield great results. It bounced inconsistently, both in how high it bounced and where it went after impact. I soon realized that this was due to the infill pattern that it had been printed with by default. My slicer had given...
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Great food!
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