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Today's song is about the tricky thing we call attraction.

I can't say I understand it very well myself and I'm not sure I ever will.

Feel free to share your thoughts and stories with me below:
Today's song is a new one that my brother +hal hibben brought me when he surprised my sister +Celia Hibben and I by coming up with a friend of ours on a surprise visit.

Here's hoping you also have a pleasant surprise my friends.
A meta-analysis of human amygdala volumes reveals no significant difference between the sexes. The study strengthens the case for gender similarity in the human brain and psychological abilities.
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I'd send this to Peo's old Austin school heads but I'd have to care more than I do about them and their shitty policies....
Continuing the theme from yesterday's song:

As I've mentioned group homes sucked. I was in several. Two have moved to much nicer digs, another is closed. Others I haven't checked on.

I have a lot of stories from this time but most aren't great. One place was so awful that for years afterwards I couldn't get within miles of it without feeling sick to my stomach. Thankfully that has passed.

This is another topic +Greydon Square and I have bonded over, though I prefer the science and hip hop. They're more fun to think about.
I'm a fan of Signal and advocate it's use for everything. Anyone attempting to snoop shouldn't know if I'm sending you a personal message or a grocery list.
An eye-opening article. Especially regarding the consequences of the meta-data gathering done by Facebook (and also by Google of course).

As a result of this I have uninstalled Google Allo from my phone. Now how to get all my Whatsapp contacts to switch to Signal ?
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as soon as the donald got elected I started pushing all of my friends to use it, best to have ways of keeping your communications free...
We're giving away a FREE week of camp at Austin Family Magazine's Camp Fair January 21st! Visit us from 11-4 at the Palmer Events Center to enter and pick up a lunar eclipse viewer for the total solar eclipse in August!
Save the date. Saturday, January 21, 2017. 11am to 4pm. Austin Family Magazine's 19th Annual Summer Camp Fair. Free Event. Palmer Event Center. Come register to win a FREE Camp. 15 Camps to be given away on day of event. Camp Fair Stage · Kids Interaction · Video Games · The stage ...
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Exciting results; did I mention I sell STEM kits and am available to talk about STEM/STEAM at events? ;-)
"A new study finds parents who talk with their high schoolers about the relevance of science and math can increase competency and career interest in the fields.

The findings, published Jan. 17 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show a 12 percentage point increase on the math and science ACT for students whose parents were provided with information on how to effectively convey the importance of science, technology, engineering and math. The same students also are likely to be more interested in pursuing STEM careers, including taking STEM classes in college and having a favorable impression of the fields."

Read more at:
A new study finds parents who talk with their high schoolers about the relevance of science and math can increase competency and career interest in the fields.
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"Yes, the science will be incredible. As Garth Illingsworth said about this telescope, "we're going to learn more in one day from James Webb Space Telescope than mankind currently knows" about the first galaxies in the Universe. Just like the "Hubble Key Project" wasn't even the greatest find that the Hubble Space Telescope made, perhaps with its unique capabilities, JWST will reveal even deeper secrets about the Universe than what we know to look for. In less than two years, we'll begin to find out. But without the team of engineers who designed, built and executed all of this to exquisite precision, we wouldn't have any of it at all."

Launching in October of 2018, the James Webb Space Telescope will revolutionize our conception of the Universe. The biggest scientific find that we know it can uncover is how the Universe came to be the way it is today. How the first stars and galaxies formed, what they looked like and how they gave rise to the Universe we see today. But none of this would be possible without the incredible team of men and women who actually designed and built the telescope. At this most recent American Astronomical Society meeting, I had the chance to sit down with Jon Arenberg, the Chief Engineer in charge of building the James Webb Space Telescope, and got the inside scoop on how it actually happened, including the greatest challenges they had to overcome.

Take an incredible journey unlike any other you've taken, and go behind the scenes into building the greatest space telescope of all!
The science will be incredible, but it's the engineering that makes it all possible.
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The +LVL1 HackerSpace is hosting a mini-drone mini-golf event this Saturday; bring your mini-drone, grab a scorecard, and play on!

Pictured below is hole #9:
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That movie messed me up when I saw it at age 10 lol
Today's song is very personal for me.

As I've mentioned my childhood wasn't exactly fun. I grew up knowing that no one loved me and that I was utterly unworthy of any love from anyone. I simply took it for granted and so it made sense that I was heavily bullied in school; it was the "natural" way of the world.

By the time I reached college, though, this was beginning to change. Despite the fact that being in Group Homes is no picnic the therapy I was getting had been very beneficial (I'll talk about that someday, too, I suppose).

And then I met Tali. She was the first person to convince me I could be genuinely loved, that I was worthy of being loved, and that all the work in therapy (towards accepting and loving myself) was right. She had a hugely transformative impact on my life and her death rocked my world to its core.

People pretty much treated it like my first real crush had died; they didn't (and likely couldn't) understand the full impact. Tali had told me what she expected of me, though, if she died, and I like to think I have lived up to that.

She as so incredibly smart, so beautiful, and so kind to me at a time when I needed that desperately. She made it possible for me to really embrace the idea of loving myself and accept that I was, in fact, worthy of being loved by others.
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It was a good first step; and from there I was able to heal quite a bit more. These days people would most likely never even guess about my past unless I tell them about it. :-)
Today's song is from my buddy +Greydon Square; it's about a man who isn't able to fit into society and lives on the streets:

I'll eventually share a lot of his music but I've been intentionally avoiding making this a fan-page to my friend and his excellent music. One watches one's cognitive biases and pushes back but honestly I listen to his songs pretty much every day so yeah, they deserve to be here. They mean a lot to me.
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I love his music, and was so glad to see him return. Fantastic 
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Fantastic food; excellent service. I'm looking forward to coming back again.
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Overpriced cables; clean store.
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Fantastic food. Worth it. Definitely try this place.
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Great stuff for pets.
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