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TO ANYONE OUT THERE THAT WILL LISTEN:  I just want to share something that happened to my business recently , I was contacted by a gentleman by the name of  "Steve Hubbard" from     claiming that he could help us in our   "web presence". He ran some reports that showed my business had many errors in my website and in the online listings , said that his company could help us. I agreed to try it  for 90 days at a tune of just under $ 1000  hoping that we would notice an improvement on our rankings. Up to this point our website was online for over 2 years with no issues. One day they called me and requested my login information to do some website maintenance , I gave them the login info requested. Shortly after  the 90 days were up /  Steve called me after he tried running my credit card which came up declined and I explained to him that the trial was for 90 days as agreed. Well to make a long story short, this past weekend someone hacked my website and started making changes to it without our permission .Fixed it on Saturday and then sunday it had been hacked again, I only can assume that it was them seeing that they were the only ones that we gave the login info to.                                    I  URGE YOU BEWARE OF     "BUISNESSMOBILSEO.COM"

WE are learning more and more every day about the internet and search engines. just finished updating our Google listing and website

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