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Michael Gentile
Death smiles upon us all, smile back.
Death smiles upon us all, smile back.


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I had a one-off tee shirt design made for my brother for Christmas. A party of adventurers put on a concert for a necromancer and his minions. You can order one here.
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If you've been thinking about subscribing to Roll20 you might want to rethink that. At least as long as Nolan T. Jones is an employee. More info is coming out about this guy as well. If you have more please share it.
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Went camping in the high Sierras yesterday, but all the campgrounds were full. So we had to make our own camp and it turned out better than any paid campground.
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The OP Dan says it all.
What the actual hell are you doing g+!?

Dear +Google+ ,

Silencing notifications on those I follow is seriously offensive to me.

I've had +Alan Lovejoy as someone I follow on effectively every post. I find his insights into economics, logic, and philosophy fascinating and have yet to find flaw with any of them. I have setup my circles so I can guarantee I see his work, and did so many years ago. Those measures were flawless, until today.

Today, a new notification bell icon appeared on his profile. It was slashed out by default when I checked before writing this. I only realised this feature was added because I found posts from him in my stream that I never saw notifications for. This is a new feature, and I do not appreciate you using it to determine what data or info I am allowed to consume by default.

don't try any ML bullshit with me

Don't tell me it's your algos gone awry, as I'm more than familiar with ML than a layman or your CS teams probably are. unless you have lost all capacity to build a simple AI program, using historical activity as a basic benchmark, algo failures will not explain this shit. I've commented, plussed, and shared a huge volume of Alan's work historically, and would never have requested you stop his posts appearing as alerts for me. If anything, I've done all I can to assure the opposite of what has happened is true for whenever and whatever he posts, and have had success via my notification setup before today.

This is deliberately silencing a man's opinion, not a AI or ML failure.

your feeble feelings should not control my access to information

I realise Alan, like many other rational people, challenges your world view of a collectivist sjw utopia, where bad words like liberty, and scary ideas like self responsibility, get people put on a naughty stool, preferably in a 5x5 cell in a bunker somewhere. We don't live in that reality yet, however, and this is just obscene and blatant censorship of his work. Notifications were the one way I could guarantee seeing data from him, and now you've tried breaking that too.

Stop shadowbanning content and hiding stuff I want to see from my streams via my notifications. I'm a big boy, and I can handle thinking for myself. I don't need any diversity think tank, Marxist activist group, or an Orwellian big brother wannabe like you to do it for me. Your subjective interpretation of reality is one I really do not share, and I'll be damned if I'll sit idly by while you try to shove it into my brain at any cost.

you really don't want my ire focused, in all its fury, on you, in this climate

I've been keeping score and tally of your systems and their failures for some time now. If you want my serious bug list to go out on this system, Gmail, and YouTube, I'll be happy to give it to the world first instead of you. It covers everything from the atrocious HCI and UX on mobile you have made, to the insane amount of trouble businesses have using your systems, both big and small. I'd do it just so everyone can see just how badly you are screwing us with crap products to push your ideological purity campaign, all while siphoning off all the data you can eat to fund it. You thought Damore was bad publicity? Just wait until your stellar coding reputation hits the proverbial fan.

I've got quite a few pages worth of persistent app and browser based issues on multiple programs, including ones which could cause businesses serious information failures under common circumstances. I'd hazard a bet I could find some concerns in ddp/dbm/dba and its infrastructure too, if I bothered to review the apis, data transfer layers, or LLD structures. From memory, it's all badly integrated acquisitions that require stupid money to be spent, by clients no less, just to get enough information to measure basic market expected stats for most agencies. Add onto that the dodgy YouTube channels showing disturbing content to children, I'd doubt advertising budgets would be remain keen to use your networks.

I know how the data flow works in your money makers, and I know what's coming legally too for Europe. If you think you got problems keeping your data legal now, wait till gdpr comes in, and wait till people start demanding the same from the US government too. I may be a voluntaryist, but I'm not above putting the screws to a government sponsored corporation. I'll do all I can to see that this happens back home, regardless of the headache it causes. You are not invincible, and I remember how much more interesting the Internet was when you specifically had a lot of competition to actually deal with. I'm happy to work ever second I can to bring your company down in favour of piranhas at your feet via the long & legal way, if you keep this up.

if you ever, ever, ever, dare try this kind of nonsense with me again, I'll make the #deletefacebook activism going on right now look like a nambla support rally, in its popularity by comparison at least, when I'm done with you. I've been half assing my social network usage for years, and got my following without making any concerted effort to do so, and despite your sjw purity campaigns to boot. I'm happy and more than willing to go the distance for free speech if I have to, and you are doing everything right now to test my patience.

Don't test me further.

Daniel Hatfield
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Dan Lerimer of STEEM, Bitshares, and EOS fame dropped in to respond to my analysis of EOS'es methods.
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Looks like G+ finally went and did it. They broke the link to my preferred circle with the people I want to hear from. Looks like you are going to be seeing a lot less of me here from today onward. I'm going to visit a few select people's pages for updates but that's about it. On the positive side, I'm going to have more free time now to work on my projects.

Nice job +Google+, you finally drove me away with your purposeful destruction of this formerly wonderful platform. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
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