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24 Ice Gold

24 Ice Gold is bold; it is the adventurous facet of the journey, the taste for challenges and rewarding successes. It is an invitation to take the plunge and become this fantasized traveler who explores the world as an adventurer, on a constant quest for intense moments and thrilling experiences.

Ice Gold is about Individual quests and explorations, personal challenges imbued with intensity.
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24 Elixir

Elixir tells stories about emotional travels and discoveries, full of shared memories, imbued with warm feelings and serenity.

The 24 Elixir line encapsulates the subtlety of traveling emotions. Inviting us through the scented pages of a traveller’s diary, each scent revives the treasured memory of a journey filled with scented emotions, the freedom of the wanderer, the magic of encounters and the richness of personal discoveries.

Sophisticated and highly concentrated fragrances: Eau De Parfum
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24 Gold

The iconic range which built the brand.

24 is about a breathtaking, passionate quest across the world which carries us away to unexpected locations. Each perfume is the encapsulated memory of a journey, rich in emotion and discoveries. 24 tells us about the rich spirit of adventure, about generosity, shared emotions, scented experiences and long-lasting memories.
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ScentStory is committed to creating fragrances for the savvy community of perfume lovers and believe they are the perfect medium to tell stories

They are powerful, obsessive and represent a universal, timeless language that requires no words, no sounds…

Their perfectly blended scents evokes personal and colorful memories

The inspiration for each story is a journey based on a selected key ingredient of the fragrance
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