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Some of our users have reported the sidebar not loading today. Has anyone else noticed this? We can't reproduce the issue here but got this screenshot from a user.
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There's something wrong with the add-on gallery ratings. We had 4.5 stars, and got one new 5 star rating the day before yesterday, but that dropped our add-on to 4 stars. Looking at the number of ratings and the averages, we see the new rating was counted as one-star. Any idea where we should report this bug?
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We noticed that GAS custom spreadsheet functions break if the user launces an add-on that contains a function by the same name. Please star the issue!
Google Apps Script issues and feature requests
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Interesting find. I starred it.
So if I have a spreadsheet (or doc/form) with a contained script, and later run an add-on, then add-on function names supersede function names with the user's existing script.

I think I would rather have add-ons function names contain prefixes or suffixes, instead of Google introducing a Caja type layer that does this for us.

Now I'm wondering, if this is limited to IFRAME.

I'm going to update my add-on with a suffix. For example, Remove Blank Rows add-on will soon contain " function updateRowRBR() { ".
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After publishing our add-on to GAM, running it requires a new permission "View your Google Drive apps". Can this be avoided somehow?
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Than k d
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We did some testing with running our Google Sheets add-on (published as a web app), as an add-in for Excel 2013. Sidebar works great, but unfortunately it seems Caja breaks the Office js library, so it's not possible for the sidebar to interact with the spreadsheet. Would've been so cool if this had worked..
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thanks martin .. to be honest I've kind of ignored Microsoft JavaScript romance - it was horrible when it first came out. But thanks for reminding me - I must go back and see where it's got to.
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We've noticed hourly triggers not running reliably since July 20. If you've encountered the same issue, please star here:
Google Apps Script issues and feature requests.
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weird behavior (starred)
not issues so far on my side
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Is there any way to pull back an add-on update that's pending review?
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I don't believe we have an automatic process for update retractions. I've forwarded you question to our review team, who should be able to help disentangle this.
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We're having major problems with URLFetchApp when running from add-on time-based triggers. It has always been unreliable, randomly returning "Unexpected error" or "Timeout", so we've been looping attempts until at some point it succeeds. But it appears that recently this has changed so that it's first stuck for one minute and then returns the error. Obviously with the limited trigger run time this delay causes huge problems, as the looping workaround is no longer effective.

Developers have been complaining about the problems with trigger-based URL fetch for years:

Why can't we get this fixed??? We now have users that are paying to use our add-on, so it's really bad that the service doesn't work and we can't do anything about it.
Google Apps Script issues and feature requests. *Note*: This project is exempt from the read-only timeline listed above. Please continue to file issues here.
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The Apps Script team has recently completed several internal changes that should significantly reduce the number of timeout and 'unexpected' errors caused when running UrlFetch from a trigger.
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Publishing a minor update to our add-on, I suddenly get "Your item has been submitted for publishing, but it has been flagged for a manual review." Any idea why this happens? Hopefully the manual review happens soon, we really need to update the add-on..
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Thanks for the clarification :)
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Anyone else having problems updating add-ons? Ours is stuck in "Publishing in progress" for much longer than usual..
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I decided to enter an issue for the CWS Dashboard under Status column displaying both "Published" and "Publishing in progress" at the same time.
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All add-ons seem to be failing to load on Firefox 34.0.5 on OS X, the sidebar and dialogs open blank. A user reported this to us today and we can reproduce it here.
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Thanks +Mikael Thuneberg. I have has about a dozen users per day reporting blank sidebar issues and not using Chrome is the issue. This helped identify the cause!
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We're trying to use the Prediction service in our add-on, but so that it would use our own models, not those of the add-on user, and we're running into permission issues. It seems we have to use OAuth service account authentication for this. Is there any guide on how to implement this in GAS? And is it so that in this case, we need to user URL Fetch rather than the GAS Prediction service to access the Prediction API?
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Thanks Steve, this is very helpful, I didn't know about Content Service. I would prefer to use the Prediction Service directly rather than via URL Fetch (I fear the performance will be worse and it consumes URL Fetch quota), but it looks like that's not possible for what we want to do, so unless there are other ideas, we'll go ahead with yours.
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