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We are suddenly seeing errors on launching our add-on sidebar: "You do not have permission to call showSidebar". This is happening on code we haven't changed in years:


Anyone else seeing the same?

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Our add-on stopped working for many users this morning. If you are experiencing the same, please star this issue report:

With some users, we're are seeing all calls from our add-on to GAS resulting in {"name":"ScriptError"} since Nov 6. Should be nothing wrong in the function that is being called, and it works fine for most users. We have logging in place at the very beginning of the function, and with the users that experience the problem, not even that line is being executed. So for some reason GAS does not run at all.

Is anyone else seeing the same?

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Supermetrics Introduces Connectors for Google Data Studio
#analytics #measure #datastudio

"If you want to use Google Data Studio for reporting, your life just got a lot easier. We are extremely thrilled to announce our native Data Studio connectors that directly pull all your marketing data into Data Studio! Now you can fetch data from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Bing and 20+ other marketing platforms into Data Studio without the need to use Google Sheets as a workaround."
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We're suddenly seeing "Data storage error" on all calls to setProperty in PropertiesService. Reported this here:

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Some of our users have reported the sidebar not loading today. Has anyone else noticed this? We can't reproduce the issue here but got this screenshot from a user.

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We've noticed hourly triggers not running reliably since July 20. If you've encountered the same issue, please star here:

Is there any way to pull back an add-on update that's pending review?

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We're having major problems with URLFetchApp when running from add-on time-based triggers. It has always been unreliable, randomly returning "Unexpected error" or "Timeout", so we've been looping attempts until at some point it succeeds. But it appears that recently this has changed so that it's first stuck for one minute and then returns the error. Obviously with the limited trigger run time this delay causes huge problems, as the looping workaround is no longer effective.

Developers have been complaining about the problems with trigger-based URL fetch for years:

Why can't we get this fixed??? We now have users that are paying to use our add-on, so it's really bad that the service doesn't work and we can't do anything about it.
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