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So is graduate management education expanding or contracting? Is the full-time MBA over-the-hill or at it's prime? An upbeat assessment from Tuck's Dean Paul Danos.

#MBA   #Tuck  
In an upbeat look at biz education, Tuck Dean Paul Danos says MBA pay packages now exceed pre-crash levels

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Not happy with your GMAT?

If you're not sure what to do about your GMAT, please see the article below.

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There's hope if you can't complete your MBA apps for R2

This article from the +Wall Street Journal explores the world of Round 3 (or later) #MBA applications.

While round 3 isn't for the run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter applicant, it also doesn't exist exclusively so that schools can increase their rejection rates. Applicants do get in. This article suggests who is more likely to make it it later rounds.

I'm quoted. :-)

 For more on who should R3 or wait for R1 of next year, please see .

In the meantime, there still is approximately one month to work on round 2 applications. Let's get to it!

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Is a Gap Year Before Med School for You?

#premed #meded

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Please join me for this #mbaadmissions   event. We have over 300 registrants, but still have some room left. Please register ASAP.

I'm looking forward to presenting this new #webinar  tomorrow.


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A Must for Tuck Applicants

I interviewed Dean Philip Stocken of +Tuck School of Business  regarding its Global Insight Requirement, but our conversation quickly morphed into a broader discussion of Tuck's distinctive appeal and approach. If you are applying to or at least considering Tuck, you have to listen to this interview.

#MBA #mbaadmissions

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Please join me for my next webinar. So many of you ask me about his low number or that low number. I'm going to tell you what defines "low" as well as what to do about it.
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