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Great app!!! I have tried others but yours is by and far the very best. I would suggest one thing. It may not even be a concern but could you put a setting where it periodically changes the pixels on and the ones of. I worry that if I keep the same pattern for a prolonged period of time that I could get screen burn in. Probably just my paranoia but thought I would bring it up. Again great job!!!

Is their any way to show cache size in a KWGT widget?

Was great but no longer shows running apps on Android 5.1.1

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Android Today is out!!

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Android Today is out!!! First issue!

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Looks like Target is now the only security issue making the news. Time to find a better way than passwords to secure our information.

@PCMag: Congratulations Internet, your login passwords are still the worst!,2817,2429711,00.asp ://

Just go Cal running on my Nexus 4.  Next stop Nexus 7.  Would like to see a better way to tell the differences between calender entries and Any.Do task entries.  Maybe a little bigger check mark on the right or slightly larger dot for calendar.  

I have been using Any.Do as my primary task and calendar app but on some repeating tasks such as every 2 weeks calendar works better.

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This is a great idea but it needs to tie in with the reminders that you can set in Google Now. It could and should also tie into Google Tasks. They should all pull from the same area. Might even be able to merge Google Tasks into Google Keep. What are your thoughts????
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