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Jenny Brennan
Enthusiastic & Passionate about all things interactive, social and new!
Enthusiastic & Passionate about all things interactive, social and new!


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Using Facebook’s website custom audiences is one of the most powerful things you can do when advertising your business on Facebook. When you start advertising on Facebook it makes sense that people who have already seen your content will be more likely to respond positively to your content and convert easier and at a better cost when you target them with future promotional ads.

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Creating compelling lead magnets is central to your list building activities online. My number one strategy with Facebook ads is to build my list. Have you ever heard the saying “the money is in the list”?

 It’s true! Here are 7 simple ways for you to create a juicy lead magnet! 

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Jenny’s Weekly Social Media Roundup – October 25th 2014

Some of my favourite and most helpful posts feature in this week's social media roundup

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Sign up! Such a brilliant experience with Ian and he will teach you buckets
Free Webinar on Blogging - 4th of September

Here's the link - 

Our next blogging webinar on driving more traffic, leads and sales is on Thursday the 4th of September.  Check out this link where there are 2 time slots available. 

Lots of tools and tips will be shared...

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I'm married ten years today! So what What can a marriage teach you about Social Media Marketing? Check out my latest blog post and find out.

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Do you use Facebook Groups? I am in so many of them and to be honest, there are only a few that really stand out. It is all down to the person running them! 

Here's a quick Facebook 101 on Groups:

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What is the perfect Facebook Post?  Well AllFacebook have done a great Infographic to show us.  The Nuts and Bolts of a ‘Perfect’ Facebook Post 

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Successful social media marketing means identifying opportunities, keeping up to date with changes, demonstrating results and juggling limited time and resources. This frequently leads to 'social overwhelm'. 

If this describes you or your business then join us for this fantastic online summit ... -

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It’s not easy to stand out among a million posts and messages on Twitter and Facebook these days. And it actually gets harder each day as these and other social networks continue to grow. 

Luckily, +Aaron Lee had the honor of interviewing some of the top industry leaders, and asked them to share their secrets for doing just that.

Thanks to +Aaron Lee for asking me to contribute to this blog post amongst so many great people! 

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The secret to increasing #Facebook engagement is to create both relevant & targeted content for your fans. 

In this week’s “Best Facebook Page” series we will be looking at how Pool Supply World use highly targeted & relevant content to engage their fans & will discuss tips on how you can apply these techniques to start seeing results on your Facebook page
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