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Hello! I am fairly  new to Cisco, currently studying for my first cert. Are there any prerequisites (exams) for the CCNA? Also can anyone recommend a good simulation tool/software for learning IOS? Thanks!

My Galaxy Nexus is really showing its age right about now. It's extremely laggy! Any suggestions to help memory and overall performance? I'm running stock and really don't want to install a rom, but I will if I have to. 

VZW did me so wrong RE: my GNex.
I was having an issue with my phone not fully charging after heavy usage.  I suspected it was because my battery was too hot but decided to call VZW anyway to see if this was a know issue. Anyway, long-story-short... though my phone was in good working condition they decided to send me a replacement device and then charged me $300 after receiving my phone b/c they deemed it "damaged due to excessive moisture." My phone had never had any direct contact with water, but the rep stated the sensor may have been triggered by steam from the shower or something similar. Had I know, I would just kept my phone. NEVER AGAIN!

How do I get Google wallet on my VZW nexus? I'm running stock 2.2.

Do you use tech to evangelize?

Will there be any technology in heaven? I think about this from time to time.  I think heaven will have all the greatest accomplishments of our world (...and then some) and none of it's sorrows. What do you think?

Hello World!
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