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Part II of website URL Structure and SEO.
Website URL Structure and SEO Benefits – Part II. In Part I we looked at website URL optimization from both a search engine and user perspective. There are numerous best practices as discussed in part 1. Let's continu ... Share. Share on RedditShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on ...
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CSV, Short URLs and Excel. A short URL has a domain + a short hash ( 0bza4 is the short hash in this example. Let's say you are importing a batch of short hashes. Spreadsheets are compri ... Share. Share on RedditShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on FacebookShare on ...
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I fucking love u
Add a comment... app is now available on Google play. See for screenshots. The app is free, but designed for use with our custom domains premium service.
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Add a comment... now has an option to make stats pages private. The default way for anyone to bring up click statistics is by appending a tilde (~) to the end of a URL. That method worked even with URLs claimed in an account.  A new feature (found under Account Settings) changes this and lets users put all of their stats pages to private. Set to private means stats pages can only be viewed while logged in and competitors will not be able to see clicks.
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It's okay now. It wasn't working for me.
Add a comment... (Unified) URL shortening service has been phased out. Discontinues Service. May 20th was the sunset date for custom domains - URL shortening service. Spreadsheets containing client's URLs have already been sent out. For those users not interested i ... Share. Share on RedditShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on FacebookShare on ...
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i like awesome do you think would be a useful clonesite. I want to donate it to you or get your php scripts i can try using or yourls.orgs script
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Structuring URLs for use on your website and factors that have search engine impact.
Points to consider: Subfolder vs. Subdomain, Readability, Keywords, URL length, Redirects, Case, Characters.
Website URL Structure and SEO Benefits. What is the best structure for website URLs? Is it possible to please users and search engines at the same time? There are a number of best practices that can make URLs both SEO-fr ... Share. Share on RedditShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on ...
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Branded URL Shortening !
Hosted solution for creating links with your own short, vanity domain name.
Get custom & branded shortened URLs for social Media, SMS text, email marketing & other promotional efforts. Advanced features and analytics for understanding your audience. With link routing and URL customizing to optimize campaigns. Get the most secure traffic stats for $10 per month.
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Add a comment... has an update to its URL notes feature, making it even easier to manage links. Content of your notes can now be seen with a mouse-over. Visit for more.
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Shorter URLs + QR codes
Introduction is an easy-to-use web address shortening, organizing and sharing service; packed with features such as real-time visitor tracking and analysis, one-click sharing and link shortening, custom domains, custom URLs, link editing, and QR codes. The platform includes an open API. Since 2006 has been a trusted resource, serving more than 260,000 large and small businesses, 14,700 schools, universities and 2,940 government agencies. Tiny is used across social media and handles millions of URL redirects monthly. From home businesses to Fortune 500 companies, tools are used to help increase traffic and grow audiences. is owned by Tim Boid and headquartered in Billings, MT.
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