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Henning Leutz
JavaScript - CSS3 - HTML5 - DIY - Padavan
JavaScript - CSS3 - HTML5 - DIY - Padavan

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Bootstra.386 … a Twitter bootstrap theme to make webpages look like they are from the 1980s. .... awesome work!

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The OpenELEC team is proud to announce OpenELEC 4.0.4.

This release includes some bugfixes, security fixes and improvements since OpenELEC-4.0.3 . Besides the usual bugfixes and package updates we updated XBMC with the last fixes to XBMC 13.1 (final) which contains a lot of fixes for issues found after the XBMC-13.0 release (some of them we already shipped with OpenELEC-4.0.0).
We found and fixed with the help of 'popcornmix' some RaspberryPi related issues in kernel, firmware and XBMC code. Many thanks to him for the help!

OpenELEC-4.0.4 is now the next stable release, which is a bugfix and securityfix release of the OpenELEC-4.0 series.


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hooray ... #mootools 1.5

the best changes for me are:

Speed improvements for managing Element classes (using the new classList API available in modern browsers)

appendHTML method added to Element

String.contains is now implemented according to the new ES6 standard

getComputedStyle is now the default engine behind the getStyle() method

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Here is a small preview of my new management system. The interface is based on mootools and requirejs. The server side base is a little own written small framework in PHP.

The system will be published under the GPLv3. The surface and the base are isolated from one another. The interface (GUI) is a separate component framework which can be used independently. The animations are based on the latest moofx library which uses css3 animations.

I think in the next few weeks i will be published more information :-)

The video is at the moment in german.

#moofx #mootools #javascript  

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yeah thats cool  Homemade Simple Cargo Bike

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!! ^^

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very very impressive
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