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Mama Isa's Cooking Classes near Venice Italy - Cooking School
Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Venice area, in the Veneto region, Padua - Italy
Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Venice area, in the Veneto region, Padua - Italy

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Mama Isa's Cooking School in Italy near Venice Padua - We're in the business of keeping Italy's traditions alive.

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Take a cooking class Learn the art of making pasta. Reserve your class soon 

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Learning how to make pasta. Such an amazing experience. If you visit Venice check out Mama Isa Cooking Classes l. Its a cheap, short train ride from Venice and so worth it.
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The Art of Fresh Pasta | Learn to Make Fresh Pasta Like a Pro. Making fresh pasta requires not only skill but also a sensibility, appreciation and consideration of the changing seasons and fresh ingredients unique to Italy. Through the experience of making pasta, immerse yourself in Italian Culture with all five senses: hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and tasting.

We offer a day intensive course in making pasta or multiple days (upon request). Our skilled professional pasta chef deliver high-quality lessons that capture the very essence of pasta making, teaching you how to make pasta with care and attention to detail.

The cooking class runs every day - upon request. Reserve your spot ASAP in advance through our website or on our google page +Mama Isa's Cooking School or email us

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Cooking Courses in Italy - Cooking Experience in Italy at Cooking Classes in Venice area Mama Isa #cookingclassesinitaly #cookingclassesinvenice #mamaisacookingschool #cookingvacations #culinarytourism
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Pasta class in action at Mama Isa's Cooking School

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Today Biga and Ciabatta at Mama Isa's Cooking School. Many of the recipes for classic Italian breads, such as the ciabatta, begin with a starter dough made from small amounts of flour, water, and fresh yeast allowed an initial fermentation. The starter, known as BIGA in Italy, not only gives strength to what are weak flours, it also produces a secondary fermentation, from which come the wonderful "aroma DI PANE" (BREAD AROMA), natural flavor, and special porosity of the final loaf

The ciabatta bread made with it develop a wonderful taste because its risings is long and bring out the flavor of the grain. Another benefit is that the loaf remains fresher and taste sweeter than this made with large amounts of commercial dried yeast.

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Biga and Ciabatta Bread | Mama Isa's Cooking Classes Venice Italy
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We are so proud about our last review on Tripadvisor
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Take a 6 day cooking course in Italy with us! Book your cooking vacation soon! #cookingvacation #italy


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Pasta Making is a delicate dance between the simple and the complex.

The pasta science behind the magic is incredibly complicated.

At Mama Isa's Cooking Cooking Classes near Venice Italy the roles of the ingredients, equipment, and techniques are explained. The most important "pasta" informations are extracted and easily understood core concepts.

After a Pasta Making Cooking Course you can move confidently into the kitchen and let the pasta making begin!
Book soon your pasta masterclass #cookingclass #italy #pasta #mamaisacookingschool #venice

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