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Quick "poll": staying in the spirit of thinking dangerously and being a fan of the characters, what do you do when your players rarely fail at their tasks (even stuff outside their wheelhouse) -- when the players are on a winning streak, do you just squeak in your soft moves and your off-screen dangers?

I love when my players win, but I always feel like I should be doing more to threaten them.

I love heritage moves, but I'm drawing a few blanks on the inspiration front.  How have you folks used them?  What do you do for the traditional races?  Human and elf moves for the half-elves?  Just use the existing class-based racial moves?

Obligatory +J. Walton ?

Dark Heart of the Dreamer mentions a list, somewhere on the Internet, of current job listings in the city of Dis. I suspected that it might just be a way to refer to the various and sundry resources that exist, but is there an actual list somewhere? Has my Google fu merely failed me?

So yesterday was Reapermas for me, and I find myself sitting on 250+ minis that I'm dying to use. Aside from engineering a 4e game in which there are giants and deep ones and space marines featured, it occurred to me that a great use of these minis would be a DW game, particularly one situated in the city of Dis (give everyone personhood, right?). Obviously for me it's because I got my Bones, but anyone with a sizable minis collection from years of roleplaying can benefit. Lay out all suitable minis on an end table or something nearby.

When an NPC is named, one player stands (the first one to stand? The last one to act? Randomly determined?) and takes a mini from the table: this is now the NPC in question. The player then states why they knew this was the person mentioned, and picks the adjective that best describes them.

Seemed like a fun addition, even if you don't use minis or maps (that is, of the combat grid variety).
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