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I live near the canal which runs from the Tone River to the Edo River. The canal banks are with beautiful plants. The maple tree grown on the walking road along the canal, and the Winter Sakura grown in the yard of one of the premises of the Tokyo University of Science which is located near the canal were so beautiful that I could not help taking photos of them.
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My wife and I took a one day bus tour to Hakone on November 15, 2016, where I took some photos.
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When I was enjoying a conversation with an Indian-American (Jay), Brazilian-American (Ricardo) and an ordinary American (Fred) at TGI Fridays in Shinagawa Tokyo, Jay asked me what I want to do after I retire from present business, and I immediately replied, saying "I want to write three books in English."

Fred asked me, "what kinds of books do you want to write?". So I said, "one story is about the experience of working at the EM Club in the US Navy base in Sasebo while I commuted to local college, second, a story about the experience of living in the Sumatran jungle in Indonesia, and third, a story about the experience of setting up and running an electronic components factory in Singapore when I was in my late 20's."

Ricardo said, "Oh before you write books, you should produce some video messages on your stories, and keep uploading them to your YouTube channel. They will be kinds of trailers."

I was so much attracted by his suggestion, and I immediately decided to produce voice message videos.

Jay said, "Shintaro, you walk fast and very active. You are like Mr. Walker. So why don't you have Mr. Walker as your pen name". Ricardo and Fred agreed with Jay.

I also liked Jay's suggestion, and I responded to all of them, "I want to add Tomi before Walker, becoming Tomi Walker".

The three of them agreed to my idea. They said, ”with the name of Tomi Walker, your stories will be read by many Americans”, adding "Oh I can't wait to read them".

After I returned home, I asked my daughter to draw a cartoon of Tomi Walker. The following is the one which she has drawn.

I will soon start to write scripts for voice message videos on the three stories in series, being followed by producing videos which I will upload to my YouTube channel.

I am so much excited now. Having good friends is really great.

I could not stop laughing a hell of lot at the following email sent to me.

I crave your indulgence to pardon my invasion on your privacy, you can put the blame on your cute picture on linkedin, and you sure can Consider that a compliment. First of all I want to say i am sorry for writing this kind of email here because this is not a dating site and i know it’s wrong to do that but can’t help it either.

I must say you caught my attention, I see you as a woman that has a big heart, a woman that has true moral, cultural and Family values. so I couldn't help but say hello to you. You look so beautiful, Well a little about me, my name is Daniel,i am Divorced and I am a maintenance engineer,i am tired of being alone and I will love to settle down someday with the love of My life, well I don’t know about you but will love to find out if you do have the same interest as i

I’d really like to know more about you and be your friend, if you would please, we can communicate through my private email which is and probably exchange more pictures there also and tell you more about myself. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Attached is my pics,hope you will like it. (Actually there was no attachment.)

Thank you.
Am I a cute woman? I didn't know that.
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