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Welcome to your first day as Attorney General, Ms. Lynch. (sigh...)

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Facebook is buying Oculus Rift?!?!?

 Not no, but hell no! This is geek sacrilege!

Ok, here is your moment of weird irony for the day:

Lead headline in Goggle News:

Woman Slain by Capitol Police After Car Chase from White House.

Lead headline in the "recent" column just to the right:

Capitol Police Could Face Delayed Paychecks Because of Shutdown.

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CNN really needs to do better with its headline bug on iGoogle. The National Enquirer may do better.

In the BBC headline box, we have:

Death toll mounting in Egypt clashes
MDC drops Mugabe election challenge
CIA acknowledges secret 'Area 51'
Lonmin sorry for South Africa deaths
Somalia hit by severe polio outbreak

In CNN's, just below it, we have:

Are we sharing too much online?
Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and Clinton 2016
Man accused of blowing up his dog
Testicle-biting fish story all wet
Kids pull dangerous stunt on truck

Now, I realize that iGoogle is going away soon and it's not a priority, but such a commentary on the state of US news is just embarrassing.

GoogleTube seems determined to annoy me whenever it can.

No, I don't want use my full name everywhere. I made the different accounts that way intentionally. And this one would have been Hartree or something similar save for your dratted real names policy when I created it.

Ok, so why are my hangout contacts sometimes there, and sometimes not? Or, more accurately, they are there, but just showing as blank whitespace.

re: The New! Improved! Cool! Rad! You'll Love It Because We Tell You To! Google Plus Design

Get forced to "Have it our way at Google Plus". Though we say you can go back by changing the stream setting, we lied. That just makes our new design single column and thus suck even more rather than reverting.

(If anyone comes upon a real way to revert, please let me know. KThxBye.)

Of echo chambers and WarGames:

For the past several days, I've been seeing post after post on FaceBook, Google+ etc, about how the losers of the election are all going to go to other countries, secede, go John Galt, tear out their hair and sacrifice their children to avoid the hoards coming after the doomsday of Nov 6.

Uh... Nonsense?

I live in a majority Republican area. Much of my family is Republican. Many of my coworkers are. It's a university in a rural area, so it's a mix of liberals and conservatives. 

I tend to be an experimentalist, so I went out to gather data.  For all of the moral devastation and angst online, no one failed to show up at work, put their house up for sale, threatened mayhem. There have been no fisticuffs reported between those of different political persuasions.

The most I've seen is my niece who made a post about it. The reaction? I, a couple of friends, and her dad all basically told her "chill" it ain't the end of the world. Cut her some slack, she's 18. Besides, I'm kinda partial to her. (And to further weird you out, she's a Wiccan as well as a Republican.)

So, I'm led to the conclusion that a lot of this is being seen because of people listening to the echo chambers (both left and right) that they regularly visit online or the talking heads on cable news channels and the like. 

I'm reminded of the scene in WarGames where the Cheyenne Mountain crew is convinced they are watching a nuclear holocaust unfolding. Or maybe when the Vincennes fired on an Iranian airliner because the radar operator was watching a radar data feed from an aircraft carrier several hundred miles away.

Are there going to be people who do and say stupid things? When you can look nationwide, sure. (Now, reassure yourself it's only those on the $other side that do. You'll feel better. :)

Might I suggest that we do like in WarGames and let the first strike of all those horrors hit, just to see if they are real.

If they are, there will be plenty of time for all sides to pull hair and bite.

If not, maybe we can get back to what everyone, liberal and conservative, that I've seen in real life has been doing: Getting on with our lives and maybe even finding some areas to cooperate in. (I just saw a Democrat electronics tech talking amiably with a Republican electrical worker. To look at FaceBook you'd swear that wasn't possible. :)

Bad Google! Don't mess with my Teahouse theme on igoogle.
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