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Futbol: Una razón más para unirnos y gritar #TodoBienTodoBien. Síguenos en @purasangresoy

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Virus Tropical en una campaña de crowdfunding! Compartamos y ayudemos a contagiar este virus!!

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Hola a todos!
Los invito a que sigan la página de Facebook de Virus Tropical, la película animada que estamos haciendo en Timbo Estudio. Habrá posts y cosas chéveres. Se los prometo.

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Nothing to Hide
Glass frogs belong to the amphibian family Centrolenidae and are distinctive from other members of the family by having abdominal skin that in transparent. As such the internals including the heart, liver, and gastrointestinal tract are visible through their translucent skin. They live in the trees and plants of forests on the mountains of Central and South america and are most active at night. Conservationalists are particularly interested in glass frogs because they may serve as a good bioindicator, and can tell us about the health of a particular ecosystem.
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Solo 18 días más!

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