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Luke Briner
Computer Geek, Christian and Musician
Computer Geek, Christian and Musician

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nginx returns 200 for image but no image!
This was a weird one. I copied a site into a new directory on a web server, set up nginx for the new site and accessed it. The php files worked as expected but I noticed an image wasn't displayed properly. When I looked in the network tab, the server had re...

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Azure App Services. http works but https doesn't
The statement in the title is not true but I thought it was. Why? I deployed from Visual Studio, using web deploy, directly to an App Services web app. It was a WCF web service project and when I visited with http, it worked fine. I then uploaded a TLS cert...

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WSUS client download error 0x800b0109 "Some update files aren't signed correctly"
This is another error that says what the problem is but doesn't give you any clues. In the case of setting up a WSUS server to serve Windows Updates over a LAN, the WSUS server creates an SSL certificate for the endpoints and chains this to a self-signed ro...

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UnableToResolvePhysicalConnection UnableToConnect
"No connection is available to service this operation: GET" "It was not possible to connect to the redis server(s); to create a disconnected multiplexer, disable AbortOnConnectFail. ConnectTimeout" Redis, running on Windows with the default settings. The pr...

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MSTest and Unit Tests for .Net on Bamboo - setting the path to the dll
We are starting to use Atlassian Bamboo, a build server that integrates really well with Bitbucket for building git repos. Anyway, we mostly use .Net and getting that to build was OK but now we have added Unit Tests as well. I added another stage, with anot...

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Getting Web Deploy working
When web deploy works from Visual Studio, you get lazy and forget how much hassle it is to set up! We have a new staging server and want to be able to web deploy so here is what you need to do! Do these in the order given. There is at least one scenario whe...

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Automated Builds for Visual Studio Project/Solution with custom NuGet packages and Bamboo
Atlassian Bamboo We've started using Atlassian Bamboo as a build server for our mainly .Net projects. Apart from the fact that it plays nicely with Jira and Bitbucket and it seems to be very nice to use, it also supports a useful feature that it can build e...

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Azure App Services not ready for the big time yet?
I really like the idea of App Services for web apps. It basically looks like cloud services but with shared tenancy so lower cost per "server" than a cloud service. The other really big winner for me is the much quicker scalability when scaling out. Cloud s...

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Cannot answer incoming calls on Android
Weird problem: Phone rings and/or vibrates but the screen doesn't change. All you can see is the home screen. How can you answer the call? You can't. Well you can but you need to know what you did! In my case, I am on the Three mobile network, which is, bas...

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Azure App Services (Websites) - Cannot find the X.509 certificate using the following search criteria
Deployed a brand new WCF .Net web service to Azure App Services and when trying to load up the svc file in the browser, got the message above. Here's what you need to know: You need to upload the required certificates to the Azure portal You need to make su...
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