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Felicia Dellea
Environmental Major.
Environmental Major.
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I will be graduating with my  bachelors in Sustainability Management in May 2013. :))

I just had a delicious home cooked southern dinner... :) 

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I hope you all had a great day!

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I WANT! hehe
Air-powered urban commuter car by TATA motors
The 'airpod' seats three passengers, using compressed air rather than traditional fuel for a zero-emissions ride.

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I gotta start writing poetry some issues I have to get out..

Homemade Pizza for dinner. =]] yum! GOW3 later with the best-friend... Sustainable Enterprise Planning paper..ALMOST DONE.. good day =]

Dear "the office" fans..what did you think of the new episode? are you excited for the 8th season?! because I AM!! =]]

Dear ice coffee and bagel, I need you for taste and fuel. BUSY all day.. School work, cleaning, life! have a good day Google+ friends and followers! =]

I have 9,000 new emails.....that is just not right!
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