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Today is the last day of my latest WordPress theme's introductory price. Get it now for 50% off with 2 other themes included for free!
Expressive is a responsive portfolio and blog theme that works well for all types of creative work including photography, web design and graphic design
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Oh this theme looks really good, love all those hover effects, let me share it, maybe can help out a bit :) Will do it on Twitter :)
I've noticed something in regards to the responsive solution for the Facebook like box. It seems to be off right now. When I view it on my android phone it creates a horizontal scroll. I saw your code for How to Make the Facebook Like Box Responsive and have used it and have ran into some issues on a site as well. Is it something with Facebook since it was working and now I have noticed on 2 of my clients sites that use it and also your Orgin theme as well. Any ideas? Thanks.
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