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5 simple action steps to improve your business daily
5 simple action steps to improve your business daily

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Today is a great day. It's the first day our application is in market - we've taken the covers off and we are open for early sign ups.

It's hard work building and launching a product. We initially set out with a challenge to build and launch something with just 24hours of effort. Of course we soon realised that while we had something that worked after 24hours, there was more to do. So here we are, just 4 weeks later with a few hours burned at night and weekends with a product in market.

5things is a tool that helps business owners stay on top of their business. Too many leave invoices far to late (did you know that the average number of days in Australia for an invoice to be paid is 56 days after date of issue) and they run into cash-flow problems. Too many leave bank reconciliation for weeks, meaning they forget what everything was for. 

No one gets into business to do the invoicing, bills and reconciliation - we get into business to do what we love.

5Things makes it easier to do business, keeping you in business. Get started today with 5 simple steps emailed to you, that will help you improve your business this month.
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