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Shocking facts about Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri

He is inciting masses from Canada for a revolution in Pakistan on the lines of Zionists sponsored revolutions in Arab countries.

In March  2012, Taher Ul Qadri  appointed Joel Hayward, an Air bombardment expert of UK Royal Air Force, as his "Strategic Policy Adviser. Joel S.A. Hayward (born 1964 to Jewish parents), is a New Zealand-born "noted scholar of war and strategy.

The person who wrote "Foreword" for Dr. Qadri's book 'Fatwa on Terrorism, John L. Esposito is known for high end links in Saudi Arabia and United States. He is also the Director of Prince Talal Al-Waleed Center at Georgetown University. 

The guy who was holding Dr. Qadri in a crowd in India during his 2012 visit, belongs to United States Black Water Company.  

Dr. Qadri never criticized United States for their high handedness in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries. 

Qadri issued a Fatwa for Muslims, but in all 600 pages he has not mentioned a word about Zionist brutalities in Palestine and other Muslim countries, including drone attacks and killing of millions of innocent people in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, etc.  

Lahore High Court declared Taher Ul Qadri as "a liar", "dishonest", "hungry, greedy", and "a person responsible for making dramas".

Dr. Qadri mention sacred name of Imam Hussain (ru) time and again comparing the agitating crowd as lashkar e Hussain while calling the Govt and security personnel  as Yazid and Yazidi lashkar.  He compared his protest to Ma'araka-e-Karbala. He called the final day of his agitation as Yaum-e-Ashura. Comparing such politically motivated and agitated crowd to 'Lashkar-e-Hussaini is  unacceptable in Islam.

Dr. Qadri was sought by Canadian police for violation of Canadian immigration Laws.

His followers are mobilized at different places and he addresses them via Internet video and tries to push them towards creating anarchy in Pakistan.

Dr. Qadri has built a real estate empire in and outside Pakistan, in many countries, under the cover of Minhaj. 

Dr. Qadri was banned for life from traveling in Emirates Airline.

Dr. Taher ul Qadri behaved very strangely on Denmark. He agreed with the views of the person who published insulting Cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم).

Dr. Qadri  performed Salah in shoes without a Musallah while traveling to Pakistan for his second attempt of Revolution.

Dr. Qadri signed 'The Amman Message on July 2, 2006', which is against the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Taher Ul Qadri has allowed his Minhaji followers to visit Hindu Temples, Gurduwaras and Churches to participate in various religious Festivals, like Holy, Chrismas, etc. Tarher Ul Qadri claims that Minhajis can attend cultural festivals of non Muslims, not religious festivals.

In Gujarat, India, in March 2012, Taher Ul Qadri disclosed that he reads Bhagavad Gita at home daily.  He also read a few lines of Bhagvad Gita in front of the gathering and praised the teaching in this Holy book.

In Wimbly Peace Conference hosted by Tarher Ul Qadri in 2011, he  praised Hindu God  Krishna for his  love towards  humanity.  He  also praised Gautam Budhdha for his awakening which will benefit the world.

More than 2/3rd of Ahle Sunnah Ulema in the world have distanced themselves from Taher Ul Qadri and Minhaj Group. There is a list of over 250 Ahle Sunnah Ulema who have declared Taher Ul Qadri as out of Islam.

Many of the banned terrorist organization in Pakistan are supporting Tahir-ul-Qadir during current circumstances and those terrorists are providing him security.

The Life after Death is very long and I pray Allah (swt) to put all of us on the right path of Islam.  Ameen.

You all are requested to comment on this post with proofs. 


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