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Adam Yauch RIP. 

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If you like music then this is for you.

This guy +shmahat ma worked his damndest to produce these beats so give it a go and enjoy.

Re-share if your feeling it and drop a comment.
I would be most grateful if you could take the time to listen to this. I worked on it over a couple of weeks, and if you deem it worthy of a reshare, that would greatly appreciated.

To clarify, I haven't sampled anyone else's music in making this.
thank you.

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Some of the places this lot manage to get to and photograph is pretty impressive.

The derelict hospital pics are well eery.

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Is this really coming out this year? 

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"Do not put on knob or b0ll0cks"

Check the very amusing reviews.

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Pretty good view from up there.

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Good few hours of free podcast goodness here..

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Anyone else feeling this track. I can't get enough of it...

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