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Say what you want about html5, the google + web app on ipad isn't a good experience. can't wait for a native app.

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HTML5 vs. Native Apps: the Google Plus Thread

Over on Google's new social networking service Google Plus, Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur started a great discussion on the differences between HTML5 mobile Web apps and native iOS and Android apps. The question he raised is what can you not do in a mobile Web app? You can't do video capture, for instance, or push notifications, among other things. But what else? What are the real challenges here?

At last count, 87 comments from Google Plus users helped to fill in the blanks. The resulting discussion is remarkably similar to something you would see over on Quora, minus the comment threading and answer summary. For mobile developers, this is one discussion worth checking in on.

via +Nick Lewis

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What can't you do in a mobile html5 app you can do in native iOS and Android apps?

A few points I see:
-you can't do really make your app work offline on smartphones/tablets
-you can't post pictures
-it's slower because you have to do more calls = more "waiting for reply"
-adding attachements is more painful
-no push notifications (thanks +David A. Fenton)
-it's got to reload the app each time you relaunch the browser (my experience with gmail on safari/ipad)
-video capture (thanks +Nicolas Roberge)
-Access to contact list

Am I all wrong? What else? thanks

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My new business cards!

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Clever Microsoft demo lets iOS and Android users try Windows Phone.

Curious about Windows Phone? Just fire up your iOS or Android gadget and go here:

I don't think it will help Microsoft's catastrophic market share numbers, but it's nice to see some creative marketing.


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BOOM! Tom Cruise sitting on the very top of the Burj-Khalifa, the world's tallest building. No safety harness... Tom Cruise you mentalist! Guessing a helicopter took the photo.

Here's a kewl video from the World's Tallest Building with a view from the very top, where Tom Cruise is sitting: (click the link below):
The world's highest skyscraper, fastest elevator ride, tallest restaurant, restroom... and more!


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Why I hate TV 'news'.

TV so-called news is nothing but a fake reality show that's all about selling products (including the people who sell themselves as products).

I love this clip. After kissing Donald Trump's ass for a minute or so, Neil Cavuto asks him whether his moderation of a Republic debate isn't really about promoting his recent book.

Trump says "no," then launches into a shameless promotion for his recent book! : ) The whole thing would have made perfect sense if he started with "yes."

The book itself is repeatedly displayed on screen like a box of Tide in a TV commercial.

Hey, it's a free country. Cable news hucksters can put anything they want on the air.

My question is: Who watches this drivel? And why?
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