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Janet Sheridan
A cultural landscape studier.
A cultural landscape studier.

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Help save the Abbott House in Salem County, NJ!

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When Conservation Makes No Sense: The Case of the Abbott House
At the southern end of Abbott Farm Road in Elsinboro Township stands a stuccoed brick house, separated from Alloway Creek by an earthen bank. Here, English immigrants George and Mary Abbott purchased 136 acres from Joseph Nicholson in 1694 for 100 pounds si...

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The Zerns Wagon House: A Dutch-like Barn in Mannington
I began fieldwork under the new grant in August, assisted by my colleague Maria Cerda-Moreno. We focused on elevations and sections (more easily done with two people than floor plans) until we could be joined by our third crew member Stephanie Long Fazen in...

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MOA for the Proposed New Salem Nuclear Reactor Open of Public Comment
Open for public comment: the draft Memorandum of Agreement among
interested parties of the Sec 106 process for the Salem Nuclear Plant
Early Site Permit application. Section 106 of the National Historic
Preservation Act of 1966 requires federal agencies ...

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The New Jersey Historical Commission today has awarded me a project grant of $13,500 to continue my study of southern New Jersey agricultural outbuildings. This will be my fifth grant from the NJHC since 2008.   The buildings include barns and wagon houses,...

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Section 106 review for a rural historic landscape: Elsinboro and Lower Alloways Creek
  A new
nuclear plant is proposed for the Artificial Island site in Salem County, where
three reactors and a cooling tower already exist.This is hard to imagine in the
light of what happened at Fukushima, but nevertheless, PSEG has put in an
application for...

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Outreach follows Fieldwork
Once the fieldwork is done, drawing, photo editing, and writing ensue. Often furiously, to make a deadline (hopefully). Then I spend time distributing the products around the state and region, in hardcopy and electonically. Then, I find, after awhile, oppor...

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Fieldwork Past Presented to the Public
On Sunday, October 19 at 3 PM I will be honored to be the 11th John Rock Lecturer. Please attend!  This research was initiated in 2008 and funded by my first grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission.

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The Salem County Farms Recording Project is now complete! That is, this grant project is complete. I hope to continue recording farms in Down Jersey in the future. I have only scratched the surface, and there is so much more to discover and preserve. The re...
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