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March 8 - Sunday Sewing (with Spud)
Did you know the best spot to sit is always right where someone is trying to sew?   Spud never fails to investigate my sewing project and them plop her bum down right on top of it.  Of course I'd rather she sit on whatever I am trying to sew than trying to ...

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March 6 - Old Jeans Bag
Second success of the week - brilliant new bag out of an old pair of jeans!  Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know I l♥ve to make bags.  Some of them get used for ages, most end up in the back of the hall cupboard.  This one however won't end up...

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5 March - Poncho Surprise!
Hello and almost Happy Friday! I'm was excited to show this little ta dah moment the first photo I took as it was chucking it down snow this morning.   I really wanted a nice white background and the snow was perfect.  You can see the snow falling and I had...

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Feb 19 - Frosty
It's been brrrrrr freezing here the last few days.  So far Little J has only had one day of school this week and they've already cancelled school for tomorrow.  We've drawn the curtains and made the house as freeze proof as possible and bundled up in layers...

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Feb 18 - Franklin
It's no surprise that the Mister bought me another old sewing machine for Valentines Day, nothing makes me happier as I just love old machines. Nothing is more satisfying that finding a beautiful old machine tucked away in some corner of a antique store, cl...

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Feb 12 - More Little Furniture
 Hello!  Happy Thursday almost the end of the week.  This was going to be a post about knitting my first sock, but last night 'turning the heel' turned in 'turning an almost sock back into a ball of sock wool' followed by tears, feet stomping and a little ...

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Feb 8 - Sunday Sewing with Spud
Since Spud has decided she doesn't like to wear her collar and since Charlie has decided Spud's collar make a great chew toy (he has destroyed three in the last two weeks), Spud is no longer allowed outside - too many looneys in my neighborhood and too many...

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26 January - Snow Day!
It's been a mega snowy day here today.  It sort of caught me off guard, even though the news has been blasting about a big storm for days - apparently I haven't been paying attention.  Anyway, I've loved the snow day.  It's been a change from the dull grey ...

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21 January - Quietly
    The New Year continues in a slow and quiet manner.  The whole house has been struck down with some dreaded lurgy, the kind that makes you think you're getting  better only to feel worse the next day.    Uggh.    Today I took a day off work (yes, a sicki...

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11 January - Stitching
I know I've been very quiet so far this year, not what I'd hoped, but I won't dwell on it. I have been busy stitching, hooking and knitting.  Not a lot of successes so far, but time well spent.   Happy Stitching in 2015 thus far...   I hope to do a lot more...
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