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Mayela Perez Captures WBF World Championship In Mexico

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"Majestic" Lefebvre Going For WBF World Title March 10

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"Knockout En El Norte": Youth vs. Experience For WBF World Title

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Kreiskott Retains WBF International Heavyweight Title In Germany

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Weights, From Velbert, Germany:

WBF International Heavyweight Title:

Werner Kreiskott (Champion): 111,7 Kg. / 246,3 Lbs.
Epifanio Mendoza: 114,0 Kg. / 251,3 Lbs.

Promoter: Werner Kreiskott. 

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One Night, One Show, Three WBF International Title Fights On February 26

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Promoter Speaks About WBF World Title Fight In Hamburg!

When the April 2nd World Boxing Federation (WBF) World Super Welterweight title fight between Rafael Bejaran (23-2-1) and Nkululeko Mhlongo (16-3) was announced yesterday at a press-conference in Hamburg, promoter Thomas Nissen spoke to the media, saying:

"We know very well that this fight contains a high risk element and we can't be sure at all about the result. We hope to win, which would be (Rafael's) crowning moment but I also have to consider defeat, in which case at least we had a shot at the world title.”

“But it wouldn't be a serious world championship if the opponent isn't as strong (as Mhlongo). When other organizations (than the World Boxing Federation) accept it (weaker challengers for world titles), that isn't my problem."

Photo: (From left) WBF Executive Director Olaf Schroeder, Promoter Thomas Nissen and Rafael Bejaran. 

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WBF World Championship Boxing In Hamburg April 2nd

It was announced today at a big press-conference in Hamburg, that the German city will host a fight for the World Boxing Federation (WBF) World Super Welterweight championship on Sunday April 2nd.

Contesting the vacant title will be locally based Dominican Rafael Bejaran, 23-2-1 (10), moving down from Middleweight where he won several regional titles, and current WBF Intercontinental and South African national champion Nkululeko Mhlongo, 16-3 (12).

The very interested fight, to be staged at Grosse Freiheit 36 right on the famous Reeperbahn, will be promoted by Thomas Nissen / Boxen Im Norden.


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World Boxing Federation Champions Of The Past: Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym

Weights From Ajaccio, France:

Vacant WBF International Light Welterweight Title:

Mohamed Ayyad: 62,0 Kg. / 136,7 Lbs.
Mikheil Avakyan: 63,0 Kg. / 138,9 Lbs.

Promoter: Boxing Club Ajacchien / Pierre Paoli. 
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