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Eric Berg
Gamer, father, husband, sysadmin.
Gamer, father, husband, sysadmin.


Session two is over and, boy, is "Cramped Quarters" a joy. There was a lot of travel and the little "vignettes" we played out of people's interactions were really the high points. This was also our first go at full-fledged spaceship combat. It went really well, which everybody finding something to do between dealing with malfunctions, patching holes, manning weapons and shields, doing electronic warfare, and actually flying. I was a bit worried about this, but it was easy to keep everyone engaged. It was definitely an "all hands" effort.

Started my campaign and it went really well. They got a lead on an ancient disabled military capital ship and (after dealing with the insane ship AI) looted it for everything they could pack into their hold... and then used their shares to pay off debts. Working as designed! :)

One thing I came up with was a new Attire upgrade: Powered. It gives you the same benefits as the "Heavy Lifting" skill when wearing it. Figured it was a good fit for things like Powered Armor and the cargo lifter from Aliens.

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I'm kicking around stuff for a campaign and wasn't happy with the Debt rules. The new Debt System Sean posted is an improvement, but I felt it was a little too fiddly. I decided to tweak it, taking some inspiration from AW Hx mechanics and here is what I came up with. Interested to hear what folks think.
Alternate Debt Rules
Alternate Debt Rules
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